Catch the fantastic Matilda The Musical before Aug. 4th. Director Michael Flowers shares audience reaction. WIN TICKETS and get discount code below!

Mr Wormwood shouting at Matilda in Red Mountain Theatre Company's Matilda The Musical
Matilda The Musical is at Birmingham’s Dorothy Jemison Day Theater until Aug 4 (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)


Red Mountain Theatre Company’s latest show, Matilda The Musical, has hit the stage of the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater and is thrilling Birmingham audiences.  This is a high-energy, hilarious comedy with great acting and unbelievable singing talents. There’s still time to catch the Tony Award-winning musical based on Roald Dahl’s classic book.  Hurry! It closes August 4. Director Michael Flowers gave us an inside look at the response. Keep reading to find out how to WIN TICKETS. Use discount code Matilda7 to save $7 on level 1 or 2) now.

Matilda The Musical

Matilda tampers with her fathers hairspray

Matilda (Ramsay Whitney) playing a prank on her mean spirited father (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

This latest Red Mountain Theatre Company show centres around Matilda Wormwood, a very special 5 year old with mesmerizing wit, intelligence, and psychokinetic powers. She faces the challenges of her unloving parents and her school’s mean headmistress, Miss Trunchbull.

However, she meets a friend in her schoolteacher, Miss Honey. Over time, Miss Honey and she have a positive effect on each other’s lives and Matilda is recognized for her extraordinary personality.

Read Bham Now’s review of Matilda The Musical described as “an unbelievably funny and heartwarming show on par with anything I’d expect to see on Broadway or at London’s West End!” 

Showtimes at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater are Wed. – Sat. at 7.30pm and Tue.,Wed., Sat., and Sun. at 2pm.

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Matilda director Michael Flowers ‘amazed’ by the performances of the cast and Birmingham audience reaction.

Michael Flowers, Director of Red Mountain Theatre Company's Matilda The Musical, stands by bookcase prop

Matilda The Musical director, Michael Flowers (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

I caught up with director Michael Flowers to find out how the opening weekend of Matilda The Musical went.

Bham Now: How has the audience reacted to Matilda The Musical?

Michael Flowers: They have been overwhelmingly positive! Matilda is perhaps not a show a lot of people will be familiar with in terms of a musical. But this means the audience is in for lots of wonderful surprises in terms of the story, songs and the visual production. People have really enjoyed it and responded well throughout the opening performances which has been amazing.

Older schoolchildren scaring and intimidating the younger children
Only part of the huge cast of Matilda The Musical (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

Bham Now: I’ve seen the show and thought the production is fantastic! It was also fun how the cast talk and sing in British accents throughout, in keeping with Roald Dahl’s original story. Tell us more about that.

Michael Flowers: The scale of this show is huge which makes it a complicated production. There’s just so much going on! The set and prop design calls on the cast and crew to manipulate a lot of things on stage to get the story to flow well – there’s always things moving.

The British accents took a lot of work and we had a dialect coach. We wanted to strike a balance to be as authentic as possible to the story while recognizing that most of the audience would not be as familiar with the dialect. We wanted to make it clear so people can understand what is happening. On the basis of audience reaction I think we really achieve that.

Miss Trunchbull talking to Miss Honey about her school values
Caleb Clark delivers perfectly timed comedy as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda The Musical (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

Bham Now: How have the cast performed?

Michael Flowers: I have been amazed by the performance of the young cast in the show -especially the Matilda’s (a role shared by Ramsey Whitney and Emma Sonnicshen). A lot is asked of them and they’ve really delivered, both in rehearsal and in performance. I’m very proud of them and extremely impressed.

(Find out about the preparation the young cast members went through at Matilda Bootcamp)

I’m also really proud of the adult performances. Caleb Clark’s performance as Miss Trunchbull is nothing short of remarkable, as is that of The Wormwoods played by Elise Mayfield and David Strickland. They provide a perfect blend between being absurd and really mean at the same time. We know they’re the ‘bad guys’ but we recognize how ridiculous they are. They’ve done a great job striking a balance with the wonderfully nice performances of Miss Honey and Mrs. Phelps, played by Bonny Baker and Toy Matthews.

Read more about bringing Matilda The Musical to life in our interview with director, Michael Flowers.


Children singing and dancing in Red Mountain Theatre Company's Matilda The Musical
Enjoy the fun of Matilda The Musical – Win Tickets! (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

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Miss Trunchbull pointing a stick at Matilda
Will Miss Trunchbull meet her match in Matilda? (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

The two act, 24 song, Matilda the Musical is featuring at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater  until Aug 4, 2019, located at 800 19th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Matilda The Musical showtimes are: Wed. – Sat. at 7.30pm and Tues., Wed., Sat., and Sun. At 2pm. Tickets start at $20.

Purchase your tickets now (Remember Use discount code Matilda7 to save $7.00-Price Level 1 or 2 tickets)! Limited seats. Child ticket prices are also available.

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