Prodigal Pottery gives King’s Home residents in Birmingham hope + purpose. Support them here


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Prodigal Pottery ladies hand crafting each pottery piece. Photo submitted

When to Support a Business Checklist: Is it local? Does it benefit a good cause? Are the products unique? Prodigal Pottery checks off all of these boxes and more. Find out more about Prodigal Pottery, a ministry of King’s Home—Plus our favorite products and where to find them in Birmingham!

What is Prodigal Pottery?

Prodigal Pottery is more than just a beautiful brand of ceramic ornaments and dishes. Made by the hands of women seeking refuge at King’s Home, each piece is unique and comes with a story of its own. By supporting Prodigal Pottery, you’re not just supporting a local non-profit… You’re helping women fleeing homelessness, domestic abuse and sex-trafficking to gain the skills they need to succeed once they’re back on their feet.

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Each Prodigal Pottery piece is unique, with different imprints and markings that make it special. Photo submitted

Jamie Ankenbrandt Johnson, Executive Director of Prodigal Pottery:

“We named Prodigal Pottery not because of the story of the Prodigal son, as so many would think, but because of a book by one of my favorite authors, Tim Keller, ‘Prodigal God.’… We oftentimes think it (prodigal) means wayward, but it really means spendthrift or extravagant. And when we think of a Prodigal God, we think of a God whose Love is so extravagant for us, that is spendthrift...

That is what Prodigal Pottery means to me, that we are showing these women extravagant love, a spendthrift love that they have never experienced before in their lives.”

Prodigal Pottery’s Mission is to Employ, Equip and Empower Women at King’s Home. 

They work directly out of King’s Home, a long-term shelter outside of Birmingham, AL, for youth, women and adult mothers with children fleeing domestic violence and homelessness. They employ residents of King’s Home Shelby, a long-term women’s shelter, as well as Wellhouse—a safe house outside of Birmingham for women fleeing sex-trafficking. No woman is turned away based on her past; instead, Prodigal Pottery strives to empower each woman walking through their doors, making them feel valued, loved, and supported.

Prodigal Pottery works to provide tangible and useful tools to the women they employ including:

  • financial training
  • emotional care and support
  • professional skills
  • assistance finding stable living situations and transportation

A Few of Our Favorite Products

They have a broad selection: from dinner plates to ornaments. Here are a few of our favorites:

Ceramic Herb Markers

Blossom Bowls

State of Alabama Ornaments (In team colors of course…)

How You Can Support Prodigal Pottery

Want to show your support? Purchase a piece of pottery! 100% of the proceeds go towards providing more jobs and resources to women in need. You can shop them online, from one of their many retailers, or find them at a local market! Here’s their schedule:

  • West Homewood Farmer’s Market: Every other Tuesday from 5-9PM until the end of August
  • Pepper Place Market: July 20, August 10
  • Artwalk: September 6-7
Prodigal Pottery gives King’s Home residents in Birmingham hope + purpose. Support them here
We love the Prodigal Pottery cross colors—perfect for summer. Photo submitted

You can also make a one-time donation or donate monthly here. These donations help provide so many benefits to their employees including:

  • a livable wage for their full and part-time employees
  • healthcare + benefits
  • childcare + counseling
  • and so much more

What’s Next for Prodigal Pottery

Jamie Ankenbrandt Johnson, Executive Director of Prodigal Pottery:

“We are hoping to move into a new studio soon, and we are super excited for the possibilities that come along with that…We believe in collaboration and believe that every woman deserves to experience the extravagant love of the Father, so to be able to open the doors to women all over the city is my biggest dream for this place and for our future.” 

More on King’s Home

King’s Home of Alabama is a statewide non-profit organization which provides essential services to youth, women, and adult moms with children fleeing domestic violence and homelessness. They operate 22 residential group homes on six campuses and serve all 67 counties of the state.

Birmingham, King's Home
Lew Burdette, President of King’s Home, in front of a King’s Home Thrift Better Store. Photo via King’s Home

Their goal is to help residents take steps towards becoming independent, productive members of the community. While giving compassionate care in a Christ-centered environment. Support this special organization by shopping at King’s Home Thrift Stores around Birmingham, donating to their bright coral Better Bins, and scheduling a pickup online or by calling (205) 506-6009!

Find Prodigal Pottery on Instagram @ProdigalPottery to keep up with new products and updates. 

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