Need some iced coffee? Here are 10 Birmingham coffee shops to grab a cup.

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Iced coffee mood. Photo by Cecilia Wood for Bham Now

Looking for a way to satisfy your caffeine addiction in our sweltering Birmingham summer?  You need to try some iced coffee! It’s a little milder tasting than its hot brewed brother and is such a welcome treat when the thermostat is hitting 90.  I went out looking and came up with 10 coffee shops to grab some around Birmingham. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Church Street Coffee and Books

My face when someone mentions iced coffee. Photo by Cecilia Wood for Bham Now
  • Where: 81 Church St, Mountain Brook, AL 35213
  • When: Mon-Sat 6AM-10PM; Sun 7AM-10PM
  • Why: What’s better than a cute coffee shop? A cute coffee shop with books. Church Street Coffee and Books offers a wide selection of drinks, from espresso options to smoothies. If you want to grab a sweet treat with your coffee, make sure to order their famous (and delicious) Breakup Cookie. Their iced vanilla latte is my favorite, but a plain iced coffee with milk will totally hit the spot if you want less sugar!

2. The Red Cat Coffee House (two locations)

The perfect stop after a busy Saturday morning at Pepper Place Market. Photo by Cecilia Wood for Bham Now
  • Where: 1701 1st Ave S Birmingham, AL 35233 (Railroad Park) and 2901 2nd Ave. S Birmingham, AL 35233 (Pepper Place)
  • When: Mon-Sat 7AM-8PM; Sun 8AM-2PM (Railroad Park) and Mon-Fri 7AM-6PM; Sat 7AM-2PM (Pepper Place)
  • Why: With two locations and a menu of delicious drinks and food, The Red Cat Coffee House is a clear favorite. Stop by after a day walking around at Railroad Park or add it to your Pepper Place Market to-do list. Their specialty latte flavors hit it out of the park – my personal favorite is the Sumatran latte with coconut and vanilla. This drink will brighten up your summer days and remind you of vacation.

3. Caveat Coffee

An iced coffee and magazine? Sounds like my ideal afternoon. Photo by Cecilia Wood for Bham Now
  • Where: 2832 Linden Ave, Homewood, AL 35209
  • When: Mon-Sun 7AM-6PM
  • Why: This Homewood coffee shop is a Bham Now favorite—for good reason! The environment is the perfect place to settle in for an afternoon of hard work or relaxing with a favorite magazine. Parking might be a struggle, but you’ll definitely find a spot to sit with two floors. Plus, they have a drive-through option if you want to grab your coffee on the way to work! Their menu offers classic drinks with the perfect amount of flavor.

4. Filter Coffee Parlor

If this picture doesn’t make you want to go to Filter right now, I don’t know what will. Photo via Filter Coffee Parlor on Facebook
  • Where: 1927 11th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205
  • When: Mon-Sat 7AM-8PM; Sun 7AM-4PM
  • Why: When you go to Filter, make sure you order their special seasonal flavor. I’m still dreaming of the honey blossom latte I got when I went this spring! Fill your morning with a trip to their coffee shop, then explore everything that Five Points South has to offer.

5. Revelator Coffee (four locations)

Revelator iced coffee + a friend’s photobomb = a good time. Photo by Cecilia Wood for Bham Now
  • Where: 1826 3rd Ave., North Unit 101, Birmingham, AL 35203 (Birmingham) and 2510 Park Lane Ct S, Mountain Brook, AL 35223 (Mountain Brook)
  • When: Mon-Sun 7AM-7PM (Birmingham) and Mon-Sun 7AM-5PM (Mountain Brook)
  • Why: This coffee shop can be found throughout the southeast. Their Birmingham location is full of bright whites and succulents (talk about an Instagram-worthy spot), so it’s the perfect place to meet friends after working downtown. I ordered their cold brew and added honey and milk – so good. Check out any of their locations for a productive working spot.

6. Innova Coffee

This iced coffee looks magical in the light. Photo via Innova Coffee on Facebook
  • Where: 4700 Colonnade Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35243
  • When: Mon-Fri 6:30AM-5PM; Sat 7AM-3PM
  • Why: This coffee shop in the Colonnade is full of surprises. First of all, it’s located inside an apartment complex, but it feels just as separate as your favorite standalone coffee shops. There’s plenty of room to spread out and work. Second, their menu is full of unique coffee creations. When I went, I ordered the orange coffee soda, which combines espresso, soda water, and orange syrup. It was definitely a departure from my usual iced coffee order but it’s worth the try if you want to change up your order.

7. O’Henry’s Coffee (four locations)

Which coffee order looks like yours? Photo via O’Henry’s on Facebook
  • Where: 2831 18th Street South, Homewood, AL 35209 (Homewood) and 569 Brookwood Village Ste. 101, Birmingham, AL 35209 (Brookwood)
  • When: Mon-Thurs 6AM-10PM; Fri 6AM-11PM; Sat 7AM-11PM; Sun 7AM-8PM (Homewood) and Mon-Thurs 6AM-9PM; Fri 6AM-10PM; Sat 7AM-10PM; Sun 7AM-8PM
  • Why: O’Henry’s is a major part of Birmingham’s coffee scene with four locations and their beans at different coffee shops. My favorite O’Henry’s locations are their Homewood and Brookwood stores because they both offer distinct vibes. Their specialty iced coffee drinks are great for those treat-yourself moments – try their iced caramel macchiato with whipped cream!

8. Domestique Coffee in Saturn

This photo makes me want to make a visit to Satellite ASAP. Photo via Satellite on Facebook
  • Where: 200 41st St S, Birmingham, AL 35222
  • When: Mon-Sat 7AM-6PM; Sun 8AM-6PM
  • Why: Birmingham’s music lovers will probably already recognize this coffee shop that is connected to Saturn, a popular concert venue. Domestique Coffee is a local coffee roaster in Birmingham who’s occupying the space during the day. The environment is just as cool as Saturn, with vintage decorations and old-fashioned board games that are free to play. Grab any of their coffee options and enjoy the surroundings.

9. Wild Roast

Doesn’t everyone have a mini photo shoot while they wait for their coffee to be made? Photo via Cecilia Wood on Bham Now
  • Where: 585 Shades Crest Road, Hoover, AL 35226
  • When: Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM; Sat 9AM-7PM; Sun 10AM-5PM
  • Why: This new coffee shop in Bluff Park fills Hoover’s lack of local coffee shops, and it does it well! The spacious location offers a ton of tables (including a community puzzle table) along with different seating. They have a huge variety of syrups—try any of them with your iced coffee! The toasted marshmallow syrup was delicious with my iced latte.

10. Woodlawn Cycle Cafe

A busy afternoon gets better with a visit to Woodlawn Cycle Cafe. Photo via Woodlawn Cycle Cafe on Facebook
  • Where: 5530 1st Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35212
  • When: Mon-Sun 7AM-3PM
  • Why: Woodlawn Cycle Cafe is the ideal breakfast spot with a menu full of favorite items (their breakfast bowl is next on my list to try) and creamy iced coffee drinks. Their iced latte was the perfect combo of sweet and refreshing and would be perfect on a hot summer day. Plus, their store is ideal for a quick photo shoot to up your Instagram game. White walls? Check. Cool tile? Check. Beautiful food and coffee? Check and check.

It’s clear Birmingham is full of great coffee shops. Now that summer has *officially* started, you can write up a summer bucket list and take a coffee tour of the city!

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