What you missed at Mixtroz’s Rooster and Butch watch party

Birmingham, Mixtroz
Mixtroz with Rooster and Devon Laney (Via Innovation Depot)

Mixtroz packed Innovation Depot on Wednesday for their debut on Rooster & Butch.  Read more about the fun screening party they had here.

Mixtroz’s National TV Debut on Rooster & Butch
Birmingham, Mixtroz, Rooster & Butch
Fun was had by all (Via Innovation Depot)

A mother-daughter startup from Nashville made their national TV debut on Wednesday and even Rooster & Butch came to their screening party.

Rooster & Butch are Texans who made their millions in the oil business.  Now they want to share their wealth with other entrepreneurs by investing in lucky companies with a solid character and smooth pitch. You can find out more about A&E’s Rooster & Butch series here.

Rooster & Butch, Mixtroz, Birmingham
Via Innovation Depot

In the episode, Mixtroz Co-founders Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons pitched their company to self-made millionaires Mike ‘Rooster’ McConaughey and Wayne ‘Butch’ Gilliam.

If you couldn’t have guessed by their personal trip to Birmingham, Mixtroz won them over (by about $50,000 to be exact).

Giveaways + Giant Pizzas = a Great Watch Party
Yes that pizza was massive and amazing (Via Innovation Depot)

Mixtroz, currently a member of Innovation Depot’s Velocity Accelerator program, packed out the Velocity Accelerator room last Wednesday with food, fun, and giveaways.

Mixtroz, Rooster & Butch
Mixtroz watching their national TV debut (Via Innovation Depot)

Having the fun-loving Mixtroz founders and Rooster and Butch in the same room made for lots of laughter, Miller Light and a great time.  The refreshments included movie snacks like popcorn (extra butter) and GIANT pizzas.

Birmingham, Mixtroz, Rooster & Butch
Even the photographer got a picture with Rooster & Butch (Via Innovation Depot)

Guests also won giveaways from local businesses and breweries and got to demo their awesome app.

We’re so excited for Mixtoz’s future with this investment from Rooster & Butch.

What is Mixtroz?
Mixtroz, Rooster & Butch
Download the Mixtroz app the have more fun networking (Via Innovation Depot)

A combination of ‘mixer’ and ‘introduction’, Mixtroz is an event app that takes the awkwardness out of networking and makes it more profitable for you and the event planner.

That means no more pretending you’re looking at important messages to pass the time at your next networking event (praise).

Mixtroz make it super easy to make the right connections (Via Mixtroz Facebook)

Targeted questions connect attendees with people in similar industries or interests and catalogs their information for the event organizer to learn more about their customer.

It’s a pretty cool startup and we’re excited they’re working in Innovation Depot for the next 8 weeks.  Learn more about the Velocity Accelerator program here.

Haven’t heard of Mixtroz? Check it out here.
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