3 reasons your employees will love you for becoming a Yoshi corporate member in Birmingham 

Birmingham, Yoshi, gas delivery
Local company Shipt offers Yoshi services to employees. Photo via Yoshi


It’s been over a month since Yoshi first rolled into the Magic City delivering gasoline and maintenance services to vehicles all over town. But did you know that Yoshi also works with Birmingham companies—both large and small—to provide employers corporate memberships? Here are three reasons why your business should try it.

1. You’ll make it easy peasy for your employees to keep a full tank of gas.

After a long day at work, employees may feel like they’re running on empty. If the same is true for their gas tank, that’s just one more thing they have to worry about before they can go home and chill. As one of Yoshi’s corporate customers, you’ll relieve that stressor. That should put a little vroom in your employees’ happy tank!

“One day I got an email through my employer saying this service was offered. I looked into it a little bit and once I realized I could just sit at my desk every day and get gas filled up in my truck, I jumped on that pretty quickly.”

Casey Smith, Yoshi customer.
Birmingham, Yoshi, gas delivery
Fill up your tank with gas delivery from Yoshi. Photo via Yoshi

Here’s how it works:

  1. Via the free Yoshi app, employees can schedule weekly fuel visits for their employees.
  2. Yoshi field techs come straight to your office and deliver fuel on site.

Gas prices are set to match the lowest gas prices in your zip code. It’s also Top Tier Exxon Mobil Synergy fuel, which means your employees’ vehicles are getting the highest quality.

But here’s the best part: Employees don’t even have to be there during delivery. While their vehicle is being serviced, they can continue working hard without missing a beat.

2. You’ll save employees time at the shop.

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Have you spotted any Yoshi trucks around Birmingham? Photo via Yoshi

Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of owning a vehicle. Unfortunately, keeping up with even the most basic maintenance can be very time consuming. In a world where everyone is struggling to get everything done, being a corporate member of Yoshi will save your employees one of the most important things in life—time.

Not only can customers have gasoline delivered to their vehicle, but they can also pick and choose from a list of additional maintenance services, including:

  • Oil changes
  • Washes (interior and exterior)
  • Detailing
  • Wiper blade checks and replacements
  • Wiper fluid refills
  • Windshield cleaning
  • Tire pressure checks and air fill-ups
  • And more!

With a corporate membership, you make it easier for your employees to have well-maintained vehicles that get them to and from work safely.

3. You can reward stand-out employees.

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Who are your top employees? Reward them with Yoshi perks. Photo via Yoshi

Do your employees work hard? Of course they do! If you’re looking for a way to thank them for all they do, here’s the ultimate way—with Yoshi credits and gift cards.

Through the Yoshi app, you can reward your employees with Yoshi credits that can be used toward any service, whether it be a gas fill up or maintenance.

Yoshi gift cards are also a great way to recognize employees for their dedication and stellar performance, or even on special occasions. Pre-paid automotive services? Talk about a happy birthday!

Want to be the office hero?

Drop an email to Benefits@StartYoshi to learn more about bringing Yoshi to your office. Your employees will thank you later.

Have questions? Yoshi offers friendly 24/7 text message support and will help you get everything set up.

Ready to sign-up for a one-month free trial? Do so in less than 30 seconds.

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