Whistling Table in Forest Park is OPEN for breakfast and lunch!

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The closing of the beloved V. Richard’s gourmet grocery in Forest Park’s tiny downtown left a hole on Clairmont Ave. for several years.  With bated breath, locals have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Whistling Table. That day is here.  Whistling Table, owned by Mac Russell, is now open and serving breakfast and lunch.

A look at Whistling Table

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Owner Mac Russell has been building out Whistling Table for the past couple of years, as a brick and mortar follow-up to his popular Shindig’s catering and food truck business.

I stopped by for a quick gander when I saw the sign announcing that they were open.  Inside is a very pretty, open and well-lit main dining room, chef’s table and open bar area where the front patio used to be.

Locally Sourced

The minute you walk in the open, airy dining room, you notice a wall-length painting by Birmingham artist Michael Marlowe, known for his soft, dreamy, muted landscapes.  The painting depicts the owner, Mac Russell’s family farm in Selma, AL, where most of the Whistling Table meats and produce are sourced.

Wall length art by Michael Marlowe, depicting the owner’s farm in Selma where most of the meat and produce are sourced.
Days/Hours Open

Whistling Table is open for breakfast (7:00-10:30) and lunch 10:30 – 2:00), Monday through Friday.  Plans are in the pipeline to open for Sunday brunch and dinner once Whistling Table’s liquor license gets approved

The menu features a range of appetizers, entrees and salads.  Local General Manager, Hoyt Hill, said their most popular items over their past 4 days of being open are Fish and Grits, McDaddy Burger and the Korean Bun Trio.

Lunch menu at Whistling Table with locally sourced meats and produce from the owner’s farm. Entrees start at $14.

Whistling Table was almost full and even had a short lining forming when I stopped in around noon today (Friday).  I looked around and saw a couple of familiar faces –  one of my favorite things about living in Birmingham!

Richard Yielding and friends enjoying the Chef’s Table.
Alex Kunzman, President of Magic City Art Connection joined the clean plate club after enjoying the Fish and Grits
Beth Kitchin, Phd and Assistant Director at UAB, enjoying the Fish and Grits. Side note: Dr. Kitchin hosts the Tuesday morning nutrition program on Fox 6.

While most of the meats and produce are soured at the Russell family farm in Selma, the catfish is sourced at Pierce Catfish Farm.

Beth Kitchin described the Fish and Grits dish “It’s fantastic! It’s a modern take on fish and grits with fresh peas and a hearty Beurre Blanc sauce.”

Have you tried Whistling Table? Let us know what you think.  For more info, look here.

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