Indian Cuisine: guide to perfect Birmingham comfort food

Indian Food
Indian comfort food. Via- Silver Coin FB.

When you think of comfort food is it a classic, reliable steak-house burger or some soul-food inspired mac-n-cheese?  For me, in the winter months when I want a warm, satisfying, spicy chicken and rice-and-beans comfort meal with amazing flavorful bread, it’s definitely Indian cuisine. Now there is a fast-casual option at the Pizitz Food Fall, that makes it quick  and easy to get your Indian food craving met, Silver Kati!

From authentic dishes to fusion fare, Birmingham has a few really good Indian hot spots. Check out these local places that are dishing up curry, samosas and everything in between. (click on this link for a map and directions to all of them!)

Indian Cuisine.
Silver Kati, at Pizitz Food Hall

As much as Birmingham loves Silver Coin, it’s exciting that they’ve opened a new concept called Silver Kati in the Pizitz Food Hall. You’ll find some of the same dishes as parent restaurant Silver Coin, but in a food stall type version. Long time restaurateur Kishore Khotian says that this place will feature fast casual, street-food type flavors and portions. It’s an exciting addition! Check them out next time you want something exotic, warming and flavorful.

1821 Second Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203


Indian cuisine
Via- Sitar Birmingham.
Sitar Indian Cuisine

Sitar Indian Cuisine has been recognized for their outstanding dishes, excellent service and friendly staff. Sitar does a modern interpretation of classic dishes. Take a look at their menu, there are some super inexpensive appetizers and great chef specialties.

New to Indian food? Why not order three or four appetizers and have a culinary adventure. The samosas (veg or meat filled pasties) and the chicken tikka are two great choices. They also have a lunch buffet, which will let you sample a bit of everything.  Dine in, call or order online. (The Takeout delivery service will bring this wonderful stuff right to your doorstep!)

“My favorite Indian restaurant in the Birmingham area. Been going here for years. Consistent offerings, good service. I highly recommend the lunch buffet if you’re new to Indian cuisine.” Eric Dutton.

729 20th St S, Birmingham, AL 35233. (205) 323-6500.

Indian Food
Bayleaf. Via- FB.
Bayleaf Authentic Indian

Bayleaf Authentic Indian  has a newly remodeled dining room. The chef, Kiran Chavan, trained and studied in India and with several US Indian restaurants. He offers fresh ingredients, spice levels to fit any customer’s palate and authentic Indian specialties. They also have a buffet and delivery. One more thing…they are the highest rated Birmingham Indian restaurant on Yelp!

“My favorite dish is chicken Madras. The dish originates from southern India and heavily uses chili powder. This gives the dish its red color and makes the dish extremely hot. The dish also has roasted tender white meat chicken and even a little bit of coconut.” Kiran Chavan, chef Bayleaf.

5426 US-280 #14, Birmingham, AL 35242. (205) 518-0208.

Indian cuisine
Taj India. Via-
Taj India

 Try Taj if you might be looking for a variety of traditional Indian dishes from the Mogul cuisine, wholesome Panjabi preparations, the earthy flavors of Tandoor (clay oven,) or seafood from the southern gold coast or the hearty cuisine of the northwest-frontier. This family’s been cooking Indian comfort food in California and Alabama since 1986. Their traditional Indian breads like the kabuli naan are warm and fresh, fragrant and perfect with the spicy food. Check out their reviews on Yelp and  Tripadvisor…all good!

26 Highland Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama. (205) 939-3805.

Indian Food
Masala Dosa.
Silver Coin Indian Grill

Silver Coin offers wonderful Indian dishes and they have vegan and kosher options. Their website explains many of the health benefits of Indian food.

Who knew Turmeric was so darn good for us? Chilies are rich in vitamin C, fenugreek peps up liver function, ginger and pepper corn aid digestion, mint aids in cooling, while coriander is good for the kidneys.

Good wholesome meals with good-for-you ingredients make up the choices at Silver Coin. Northern Indian food is different from Southern Indian food. Silver Coin has menu choices from both regions. Try the southern specialty, Masala Dos, a thin crepe made of rice and lentil dough, stuffed with spiced cooked potatoes…one of the only Indian places in the area that makes them!

“Excellent Indian food – the best you will get in the Birmingham area! The owners (ask for Kishore) are very helpful and give personal attention. Wednesday night buffet is excellent and very affordable. Lot of variety and flavorful food. They always have a Bollywood movie or cricket playing which adds to the whole Indian atmosphere.” Yelp reviewer Preet S.

3321 Lorna Rd, Birmingham, AL 35216. (205)823-9070.

paradise Indian Cuisine: guide to perfect Birmingham comfort food
Paradise Biryani. Via- Yelp.
Paradise Biryani Point

Technically this restaurant is Pakistani, but the ingredients are similar. Don’t let the strip mall location fool you; some serious cooking is going on here. Grub Hub, also delivers for Paradise Biryani, so keep that in mind on those cold February nights we’re about to have.

1841 Montgomery Hwy, Hoover, Alabama 35244. (205) 903-3663.

Indian Food
Bayleaf appetizers. Via- Bayleaf FB.

Did we miss a spot? Let Bham Now know what your favorite ethnic food choices are in the Magic City.  (We have quite a few!)

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