Condé Nast Traveler features Birmingham’s breweries, rivers and communities (video)

Conde' Nast Birmingham
Photo from the Condé Nast video Discover Alabama’s Cultural Renaissance in Birmingham

Condé Nast Traveler released a video earlier this month featuring Cahaba Brewing’s Brewmaster and Managing Partner Eric Meyer.

The video, which is titled Discover Alabama’s Cultural Renaissance in Birmingham , follows Meyer on a tour of local Birmingham breweries and natural areas.

At the beginning of the minute and half video, Meyers talks about visiting and working together with the local breweries and seeing how they can all grow. One scene shows Meyers tasting a flight of beers at Good People Brewing Company with the iconic Regions Field Birmingham sign as a  backdrop across the street from the brewery’s front porch.

Rivers bringing together communities
Conde' Nast
Photo from the Conde’ Nast video Discover Alabama’s Cultural Renaissance in Birmingham

Meyers then spend a majority of the film talking about the Magic City and its natural wonders – Red Mountain Park and the Cahaba River. Meyers adds:

“Birmingham is a great town to work in and live in. You have the river. You have the mountain, you can take the kids out to.

Rivers bring life. River provides water for plants for animals, for all these things. But then, rivers bring together communities.”

A place for community
IMG 2021 Condé Nast Traveler features Birmingham's breweries, rivers and communities (video)
Photo from the Condé Nast video Discover Alabama’s Cultural Renaissance in Birmingham

He then wraps up the video emphasizing community, great food, breweries and the outdoors. Here is the final excerpt:

“One of the things, we as owners had to decide was, we can build a bar, or we can build a place for community. And we are here to help bring people together.

The beauty of Birmingham is, you’ve got world renown restaurants, great breweries, beautiful outdoors. What else is better than that?”

On the national radar

2017 has been a great year for national features about Birmingham. Below is Bham Now’s latest tally of publications and videos about the Magic City.

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