Historic 3rd Ave building adds new tenant to flex space concept

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Massey Business College Building (located at 2024 3rd Ave N.) Via- www.harbertrealty.com.

The historic three-story, 21,000 square foot former Massey Business College Building (2024 3rd Ave N.) has announced that the remaining spaces have been leased to marketing company, Finley Enterprises.

Finley Enterprises will occupy 7,988 square feet on the ground floor and mezzanine level of the three-story building. The remainder of the building are Executive Suites flex office spaces.

The Massey Building. Via-www.showcase.com.

Flex Space has been around for some time, but the shared flexible office trend is really growing in Birmingham.

It’s a popular concept for tech firms whose business plans look forward on quarterly and yearly terms. Sometimes it’s difficult for tech companies, or for that matter many other types of start-ups, to commit to long five and ten-year lease terms.

ExecuSuites flex office space inside the historic Massey Building. Via- www.harberstrealty.com.

Flex plans offer renters sophisticated office spaces, often collaborative environments, often with some administrative staff shared by other tenants. The attractive office spaces, often near a city center attract employees and customers.

Execu Suites in the Massey Building. Via-

The project adds another dimension to ongoing revitalization in the city. The beautiful 3-story brick building has a rich history. The exact date of the original construction is unclear, but somewhere between 1910-1920. It was originally the Massey Business College, then it housed the City of Birmingham Department of Revenue.

Historic Massey Business College Building. Via-www.harbertrealty.com.

The building’s owner, Jim Rowland, invested about $1,000,000 to renovate the historic building for executive office space. Rowland has kept the historic charm intact with 16′ high bead-board ceilings, tin ceiling tiles, and the original exposed brick walls. The Finley space will also be designed in the historic architectural direction of the building.

Ironically this building began as a business college. Via – digital.archives.alabama.gov.

It’s an easy, short walk to many popular restaurants, parks, and bars, the Mcwane Center, and the Pizitz Food Hall. Just a half block to the city parking deck, with street parking in front of the building and non-metered spaces in the rear, this gem should be another revitalization success.

Stay tuned to Bham Now to learn more about the new tenant in this beautifully renovated old Birmingham building.