Julia Wesley has served customers at Adamson Ford for 44 years

Adamson Ford - Birmingham Alabama
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Forty-four years ago Julia Wesley’s brother called her after he bought a car from Adamson Ford, in Birmingham, and told her that the dealership was looking for a receptionist and that she should put in an application for the job.

Julia told her brother that she would think about it.

Next thing you know, and 44 years later…

Julia credits God for the reason that she has worked at Adamson for four decades. She is thankful and states that it had nothing to do with her for working there that long.

She found a new family.

Adamson Ford - Birmingham Alabama
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As she puts it, she went from job to job within the company because there was always something new to learn. Julia realized how important customers were to her.

What makes Mrs. Julia special to you?

“Her smile. I call her my Mom. She and I talk every morning and she wants to know what I did on the weekend,” said Peter Cole, inventory manager, Adamson Ford.

“We just have a mother-son relationship. I did all of the food for her wedding, and I cook for her special events, like holidays.”

Adamson Ford - Birmingham Alabama
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“We have some customers who remember me from 44 years ago,” according to Julia Wesley, “They say, ‘you’ve been here a long time’ and I say yes I have.”

“Sometimes she’ll put you in your place if you need it.  She’ll tell you what you need to hear, in a positive way.” David Galbraith, senior sales consultant, Adamson Ford told Bham Now.

Adamson is a great company to work for, according to Julia, as she states it, “you know the company is special when people come back just to say ‘hi’ to you”.

Adamson Ford - Birmingham Alabama
Adamson Ford loves their people, and Mrs. Wesley is quite a big part of the family! Picture from her 40 year anniversary with Adamson Ford.
That’s why they keep buying cars from Adamson, as she states it.

For Julia the people at Adamson are like a family to her and she to them.

“She’s basically like our mom and the pulse of the dealership”,” said Robert Howard, sales manager, Adamson Ford.

“What makes Mrs. Julia special is her bright smile every morning,  She is nurturing or stern depending on what is needed.

She’s always willing to help a customer and makes sure we help the customer, too!”

Adamson Ford - Birmingham Alabama
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Julia added, “It’s been a blessing to work here.”

Stop by Adamson Ford and say hello to Julia. We’ll bet she’ll enjoy saying hello to you too!

Adamson Ford - Birmingham Alabama
via Adamson Ford
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