Well-respected community partner, Adamson Ford, values customers and gives back

Adamson Ford Values Customers
Photo Courtesy of Adamson Ford- Sparky Sparks


For almost 100 years, since opening their doors in 1918, Adamson Ford has represented Ford Motor Company in the Birmingham area. Find out some secrets to their success.


Founded by Reese Adamson and his partners A.D. Harris and Ralph Howard, Adamson Ford has had a long tradition of being involved with and giving back to the Birmingham community. After operating in Southside for 19 years, Adamson and his partners purchased and renovated the historic Grand Theatre located on Second Ave. South.

In 1956, Adamson Ford was purchased by John Israel, Jr., from the three original owners. Israel renovated the building again and maintained the name and brand Adamson Ford because of its strong reputation. His son William Israel purchased the dealership in 1982 and expanded the business to include the Adamson Ford Collision Center.

Adamson Ford Values Customers
Photo Courtesy of Adamson Ford- Tim Meadows

Israel also retained the dealership’s commitment to preserving the Grand Theatre building. This commitment earned him an award by the Birmingham Historical Society in 2004.

Adamson Ford is still a family owned business and is operated by Linnea Israel. The dealership will celebrate their 100-year anniversary in 2018.

Adamson Ford Community Partner
Photo Courtesy of Adamson Ford


Adamson Ford demonstrates their commitment to the Birmingham community regularly. The dealership sponsors organizations such as UAB Football, the Exceptional Foundation, JDRF, St. Jude and many high school athletic teams

“We know we would not be where we are today if it were not for our commitment to the Birmingham community,” said Linnea Israel.  “Our customers are loyal to us because we do give back to our community.”


Treating their customers like family is one of the core principles of the dealership. Their motto, “Always Adamson, always family!” reigns true in the way that they value customers. Building strong relationships with their customers has been key to the dealership’s nearly 100-year success. Customers who shop Adamson Ford time and time again never hesitate to recommend the dealership to friends and family.

Adamson Ford Community Partner
Photo Courtesy of Adamson Ford

When it comes to finding that perfect car, they pay attention to details and they are attentive in meeting the needs of their customers. Customers know they are going to have a good experience when they shop Adamson Ford because the dealership doesn’t pressure them into buying a car.


Instead, the dealership listens to and works with their customers to make them happy. Once the customer leaves the showroom floor, the relationship really begins. Customers also can find tips and information about caring for their car on the Adamson Ford site.

“The customer service at Adamson Ford is something that I have not experienced at other dealerships,” said Ashley an Adamson Ford customer. “They make you feel valued as a customer and they show you that they appreciate you. They know exactly what you need and they fulfill that need.”

You can even schedule service online.

Adamson Ford
Photo Courtesy of Adamson Ford

Editor’s Note: I know this from personal experience because my mom and dad have purchased all of their cars from Adamson Ford since 1999. I asked my mom why and she said that they are always very easy to work with and they give me what I want.

Other customers seem to feel the same way as stated in the dealership’s testimonials. In fact, one customer stated that she has bought 32 cars from the dealership in the last 15 years. If you check out their Facebook page you will see the many 5 star reviews and comments about Adamson Ford.

“We’ve purchased 32 cars since 2002 from Sparky Sparks, Senior Sales Executive at Adamson Ford,” said customer Shan. “We travel all over the country and put a lot of miles on our car. My husband loves Adamson Ford cars.”

We’re proud to have Adamson Ford in Birmingham, not only because they’re an excellent dealership but also because they’re an excellent community partner.



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