Caveat, unique coffee, wine concept coming to Homewood

An old house is being renovated in Homewood. You might know the one – on the corner of Linden Avenue and Reese Street. In that house will be Caveat, a new concept restaurant. Learn more about the latest brainchild of Real & Rosemary’s owners, Jennifer Mims and Nate Crawly.

Caveat, coffee wine concept
Wine and Coffee, at Caveat, in Homewood. Via –

This new concept is one we haven’t enjoyed in Birmingham yet; a combination coffee shop and wine bar. Double shot of espresso and pinot. Because those things now officially go together.

This style of cafe is popular throughout Europe, offering coffee and pastries to the morning crowd then transitioning to a wine bar at night.

Caveat, new concept
Enjoy coffee and wine at Caveat, coming this winter to Homewood. Via- Pinterest.

Hopefully by now you have had the pleasure of trying the very popular, and very delicious Real & Rosemary. The atmosphere is great on its own, with exposed brick walls and trusses, and a stenciled hard wood floor. On the food front, you’ll find fast-casual fare that is creative, wholesome, and chic all at the same time.

Real & Rosemary. Via-

Caveat will offer a cozy indoor seating area, and a relaxing outdoor space as well. There will also be a window for online order pick ups.

This might be a perfect place to grab a coffee in the morning, as you rush off to start your day, then a great spot to unwind after a long day of work with a glass of your favorite wine. Sounds mighty easy to become a regular here.


If Real & Rosemary is anything to go by, Caveat should be a wonderful new option to get that morning jolt and evening wind down in the same place.

What new restaurants are you looking forward to opening in the Birmingham area?
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