Birmingham Ethiopian restaurant is the First in Alabama

First Ethiopian Restaurant in Birmingham AL Ghion Cultural Hall Cuisine
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Yesterday, Ethiopian food became a new food group in the  Bham community. Thanks to the Pizitz Food Hall, the first Ethiopian restaurant in the sate of Alabama is right downtown.

The Pizitz Food Hall welcomed Ghion Cultural Hall as one of their full-service restaurants yesterday. This restaurant from Atlanta, Georgia, will be open Mondays through Saturdays for lunch and dinner from 11am to 8pm.

New Ethiopian Restaurant Opened Yesterday First in alabama Birmingham AL
via The Pizitz


Located in the Southwest corner of the Pizitz building, the address is 1821 2nd Avenue N, Birmingham, AL. Their menu features authentic foods served in an authentic style. Some menu options include platters with varying meats and sides such as lamb, beef, as well as other vegetarian dishes. The display is beautiful and the according to the “What to Eat in Birmingham’s” blog, the food was divine. Fun fact: They have plenty of dishes that are gluten-free and even vegan-friendly.

You will get the authentic and traditional feel of Ethiopian dining with their communal-style dining experience. You’ll also enjoy their aesthetic decor as well as their excellent cuisine.

Since the Food Hall’s Grand Opening, they have been wowing us with their yummy options. Ghion Cultural Hall is definitely a welcome addition to this mixing pot of global foods.

Who else is excited about this opening?

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