A Collective $150,000 Awarded to two Birmingham Companies

Are you surprised…?  I’m certainly not. Birmingham continues to move forward and even amaze some with the amount of funding opportunities and award-winning companies

This past Thursday night, the Alabama Launchpad competition wrapped up with massive deals for Alasaw and Book-It Legal.

LaunchPadYIR A Collective $150,000 Awarded to two Birmingham Companies

Details about the two companies are here.
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Since 2006, the EDPA has been operating the competition – about $2.5 million has been invested with at least 50 new Birmingham companies. This year, Birmingham was on top with holding 2 out of the 3 positions for finalists.

Alasaw – Awarded $100,000

12 years ago, Cliff and Leigh Spencer started the company in LA. Moving to Birmingham they were able to rev up the “urban salvage business”

A Collective $150,000 Awarded to two Birmingham Companies

“This is different than custom work where everything you buy goes right to sale: It’s a different model, so having capital upfront really helps solidify what we’re doing.”

– Leigh Spencer told BBJ

Location – MAKEbhm workshop in Avondale

Book-It Legal – Awarded $50,000

This Birmingham startup, focused on helping law students gather experience in the market place while going through school, has had quite the year!

hqdefault A Collective $150,000 Awarded to two Birmingham Companies

“Our immediate goal is to bring on some full-time developers, which would create new tech jobs in Birmingham and help us build out the features our users want,”

– Jack West (Co-Founder), told the BBJ

Linc Research Inc. – Awarded $100,000

9k= A Collective $150,000 Awarded to two Birmingham Companies

An Earthquake Absorber shook up the competition as Linc Research Inc. came in with their innovative product straight out of Huntsville.

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