Birmingham Startups Among Finalists for AL. Launchpad Competition

The focus of Alabama Launchpad, a program of the EDPA, is to provide funding for startups, help facilitate potential entrepreneurial ventures, and sustain growth throughout the state.

A yearly competition is held to provide funding for startups who are truly making an impact in their cities. This year, two Bham companies are in the running; Book-it-Legal and Alasaw.

LaunchPadYIR Birmingham Startups Among Finalists for AL. Launchpad Competition
Photo By: Alabama NewsCenter

  • By understanding the importance of fallen trees, Alasaw mills urban lumber transforms the giants into beautiful pieces of art.

“We recognize the value in these majestic trees, that have fallen from storms, been displaced by development, or are otherwise headed for the landfill.”

– Alasaw

Photo By: Alasaw Photo By: Alasaw
  • This tech company connects law students, who are in need of practical work experience, to the vast market place of law practice.

“Research, memos, brief editing, cite-checking, deposition summaries, document review, articles, client updates — let’s get to work.”

– Book-it-Legal

Jack West - CEO
Jack West – CEO

Last year, $645,300 was awarded by the Launchpad program to 3 companies who then when onto gather millions of dollars in extra funding (collectively) and then created a multitude of jobs. The persistence of this program to not only recognize, but gather support for these companies, is unmatched.

It is an honor to have organizations like the Innovation Depot, TechBirmingham, The Velocity Accelerator, and the EDPA recognize the positive side of things in Birmingham.
Technology is certainly growing and making an impact in our city, what will the next 20 years old for the ole Ham?
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