New Development for Homewood – For Retail and Parking

As mentioned before, downtown bham isn’t the only area that is growing. Our “Over the Mountain” neighborhoods are revitalizing and proving worthy as well!

Currently, a Homewood developer has big plans for 18th Street and 28th Ave. South.

Have you visited downtown, or Homewood recently? Did you find it difficult to occupy a parking spot?

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Capstone Properties founder Michael Mouron has set in motion a new retail location for Homewood that will add 136 parking spaces for the public – Clearly this is a point of pride for the project.

Mouron recently closed on the Hatfield, Little Professor and Wolf Camera properties. While Wolf Camera still has four years left on its lease, with the option of a five-year renewal, Mouron is planning to demolish the other two buildings in spring 2017.

– Sydney Cromwell, The Homewood Star

unnamed New Development for Homewood - For Retail and Parking

  • 2 One-Story retail Buildings
  • 17,600 Sq. Feet
  • 6 Spaces
  • Greenery and a Fountain in Front of the largest building
  • Rooftop Dining for “future restaurant tenants”

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Addressing the current issue of parking, Mouron told the Homewood Star –

“We know all about hunting and pecking and jamming on your brakes if you see somebody with their backup lights on…”

“I think Homewood has not had as many of regional or national tenants because of the lack of dedicated parking. So I think we might have that opportunity. But at the same time, there’s been some very successful operators in Homewood with whom we’ve spoken about relocating here…”

To read more on the future Homewood development, click here!

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