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Cold Brews and a Cool Dude
Don’t forget about Bham Now’s upcoming BOLD Speaker Series event featuring Dr. Jim McClintock, who has so many titles that I’m just gonna save you some time by saying he’s one cool dude. Literally. Come hang out with us at Avondale Brewery next Tuesday. Doors open at 5 and program from 6-7 to hear him speak about all things environmental PLUS his upcoming 15th trip to Antarctica. Seating is limited, so get your tickets here and now! 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Hand in Paw, Dr. McClintock’s charity of choice for the event.

The Sky is Crying
RAIN at long last!!! Thankful our dry ground is getting some sweet relief, and also thankful that I don’t have to go through the car wash any time soon. Those heavy rains Monday night weren’t lonesome, though. Expect more tonight. I know I’m looking forward to listening to the rainfall through my incredibly thin apartment walls.

Little Less Talk, a Lot More Action
We can start to cut the chatter on the what-ifs of TopGolf… ‘cause it’s a-happenin’! The Birmingham City Council approved a $1.5 million incentives package for the entertainment venue to be located in Uptown. Similar to our New Year resolutions, TopGolf will begin construction early next year. Not so similar to our resolutions, TopGolf will actually lose 15 pounds, get the garage organized, and dedicate more time to a new hobby.

Opportunity Awaits
Operating systems. Systems hardware. Virtualization, private & public clouds. If these words mean anything to you, keep on reading! EBSCO is currently taking applications for a cloud systems engineer, and we’re pretty sure they want you. Click here for all the deets.

Rollin’ With the Homies
SEC Championship Game. AKA, the one that determines who will go to the College Football Playoff (and likely the National Championship game). Alabama will meet the Florida Gators in Atlanta this Saturday and play for the coveted spot. Catch it on CBS at 3PM. P.S. Alabama is favored to win by 24 points. Roll Tide.

How Much Cheese is Too Much Cheese?
The limit does not exist. Not to Charlie Kelly, and certainly not to Pizitz Food Hall. Busy Corner Cheese & Provisions, a farmstead and artisanal specialty shop, will be a vendor in the newly renovated Pizitz Building. They’ll be there for all of your foodie hosting and gifting needs, and also serving up some modern takes on the grilled cheese.

Ice Liebe Christmas
Okay. I bought my very first Christmas tree of my own last week and have been the cheeriest person since. I have been so unashamedly organized and excited for the holiday, that I’ve even made an Excel spreadsheet to keep a list and budget of all of my gift spending. Side note: Best idea ever, I feel like I can conquer the world. Anyway, now it’s finally time to enjoy the Christmas events, and one is coming up THIS Saturday at Das House! Put yourself in the spirit by heading over to the annual German Christmas Market from 10am-6pm. The schnitzels and steins are ready for ya!

Whoo(m)p! There It Is
Soon we’ll notice all the aviates migrating south, but among them is a type of bird that will stick around with us (just ‘cause they love it here so much). That bird is the Whooping Crane, and it’s an endangered species. The cranes usually hang out around Wheeler National Park through the end of the year. Fun fact: The Whooping Crane is the tallest bird in North America at 5 feet. So, roughly the size of your average 5th grader.

Best Seat in the House
Miss Nina has the best, most permanent seat in Linn Park. She’s a statue! The real-life Miss Nina was a badass attorney and City Council President who fought for children, women, minorities, and always the right thing. Check out this article about Miss Nina and learn more about how she got to deserve the honor of being remembered in statue form.

Let’s make this Wednesday a wonderful one, folks. Be careful driving in the rain. And as always, thanks for reading Bham Now!

Hunter Holland, Producer

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