Avondale Featured on BuzzFeed as Most Hipster Neighborhood in Alabama

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BuzzFeed recently posted an article detailing the “most hipster neighborhood” in each state, and Birmingham represented!

To be fair, Where Is Williamsburg? Should be credited to locating our Avondale. Where Is Williamsburg? is an app for “trendy folk” to use when traveling so they can find like-minded people and communities – even in states they wouldn’t normally think like-minded people would inhabit.

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Here is BuzzFeed’s description of Avondale as posted in the article:

Avondale has undergone a bit of a facelift in recent years, including a multi-million dollar park renovation and multiple bar and restaurant openings. Hipsters should feel right at home at the Woodlawn Cycle Cafe. In the morning they serve pastries with praline and coffee butter, and in the evening, there’s house made pasta and boutique, locally-made beer from Goat Island Brewing.

We can’t argue with that.

A space-themed coffee, bar AND music venue? Come on, it’s mesmerizing even for the non-hipster crowd.



…But also, it’s totally for the hipster crowd. Where else would not only support, but actively feed into your cult classic obsessions like Twin Peaks?



And for your fancy night out, head over to the amazingly glamorous, speakeasy-esque Marble Ring.


And when you need a unique photo opp to get those Insta likes.



Even the pups are hipsters! 


We love Avondale and the vibrant people who contribute daily to its growth. Break out the vinyls, crack open a craft beer, and we’ll meet you there.
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