5 Posts that sum up your love for Fat Sam’s Sub Station

Fat Sam's is closing down

On October 4th, Fat Sam’s Sub Station announced the end to their sandwich making era. After 26 years of serving the Birmingham community, they will be closing their doors on October 15th. After the untimely passing of Salman Shatara, otherwise known as Fat Sam himself, his family has decided to close the restaurant in order for their sons to focus on their education and careers. Gone but never forgotten, here are a few posts that sum up your love for Fat Sam’s.

  1. When a sandwich had a cooler name than you

2. The only time your food became art

3. When you were in a relationship with your sandwich

4. When you realized you love everything on the menu

5. When you finally hit regular status at the Sub Station


Don’t worry you still have time for a few more sandwiches for memories sake.

Vicky Lewis
Vicky Lewis

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