#Coal Jobs in Alabama Continue Decline. Where do we go from Here?

Courtesy of Consol Energy
Courtesy of Consol Energy

My grandfather was a coal-cutter.  This meant that he worked hard labor during the midnight shift deep underground in Walker County, using tools to cut large pieces of coal so the morning crew could break it up and load it out.  My father’s family depending on this income to feed their family of 10 during the great depression.  I’m thankful that my grandfather had this job. It was the one of the few ‘decent paying’ jobs to be found in Walker County in the 1920’s, almost 100 years ago.

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#Environmental Film Series, Thursday, Sept. 8th, Altamont School

If you are interested in learning more about some of the top environmental issues in Alabama now, then you must check out the Southern Exposure Film Festival this Thursday evening, 7pm at the Altamont School.  Oh, and it’s free!

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Film topics include waste water, state parks, landfills, efficient energy for low income households, the Cahaba River and the importance of oysters, (other than being delicious!).

Six talented, emerging film makers, from various parts of the U.S., spent 6 weeks of their summer here in Alabama, thanks to a fellowship provided by Southern Exposure.  The film makers will present to talk about their films and share their summer experience in Alabama.

More on the Films.  Altamont School location.

For the Love of Margs and Tacos

If you are a Taco Lover and Margarita drinker, here is a guide to the best deals in Bham.

  1. Los Compadres

Margarita time en Los Compadre. #vivamexico 🇲🇽👌🏽

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Unfortunately, this deal is only for students. Bring your campus card to this authentic Mexican restaurant and you’ll not only get awesome $1 Margaritas but some pretty great tacos.

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The Bham Now Team Celebrates #CollegeColorsDay

As college football season is (finally) here, so is another tradition: College Colors Day! This annual celebration is observed nationwide by students, parents, family, fans, and alumni. To celebrate, all you have to do is wear your college team’s colors or college/university apparel.

The Bham Now team has decided to honor this tradition by donning our colors and answering some questions about our beloved schools! The team represents 4 Birmingham area universities; Samford University, the University of Alabama, the University of Montevallo (which does not have a football team), and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (which had a football team, then didn’t, now has one again – YAY).



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Ever Wanted to Zip Line in the Dark? Now you Can!


Eagle Solar & Light, based in Birmingham, installed and donated ActiveLED solar lights and controls which brighten the 80 foot Kaul Adventure Tower when activity is present and dim when it is not.  This will enable nighttime activities to rappel, zip line or climb.

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What you need to know before next week’s football game


School is back in session and Alabama football is right around the corner!

Follow along with our three-part series on the University of Alabama and the growing city of Tuscaloosa. We’re giving you an inside look at restaurants, breweries, art and all things T-Town and kicking it off with a little introduction to the University of Alabama.


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8 Relatable Posts about UAB Parking

Top Notch School. Terrible Parking. UAB Students share their take on parking the first week back.

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