We’re hiring! Why we love working at Bham Now + why you will too

Bham Now 7th anniversary
Celebrating 7 years of FUN! (Bham Now)

If you haven’t heard, Bham Now, Hville Blast and The Bama Buzz are pretty great places to work. AND we’re hiring! If you’re seeking a fun and fresh work environment, look no further. We’re here to tell you a few reasons we love this company, the people in it and why you will, too.

We’re hiring!

Bham Now team for college kickoff
we're hiring
Showing our spirit for college football kickoff. (Bham Now)

Bham Now is locally owned and operated, with our Hville Blast office just a couple hours up North. Our team is connected to our respective communities and completely invested in seeing them thrive.

We are hiring for Account Executives in both our Bham Now and Hville Blast offices and various internships. Want more information on these positions or ready to apply? We’ve got you covered.

“My goal has been to create the kind of jobs and culture where I would want to work. Hallmarks of successful employees include high levels of creativity, strong work ethic, team orientation and community involvement.”

Cindy Martin, Founder & CEO

We are positive and fun news

We pride ourselves on only reporting the positive news. No crime, politics or anything else that floods today’s media. This way, we can give all our attention to creating happier and healthier cities.

“It’s really special to work on a coffee shop guide or report on a new opening, and watch how excited the owners or staff are to have someone featuring their business. I love playing a role in building this community up.”

Callie Morrison, Content Producer

We love local

Bham Now at Sidewalk Film Festival
One of our favorite traditions is Sidewalk Film Festival. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Whether it’s promoting events, dining out at a new restaurant or serving with a non-profit, we love showing our support to local businesses.

“Through the work we do, I get the opportunity to volunteer with local organizations making a difference in Birmingham. I’ve been able to participate in neighborhood clean ups in Fountain Heights and look forward to upcoming volunteer events on the calendar.”

Gabi Hembree-Lee, Business Development Manager

Not only do we get to support our cities and the local businesses that make it up, but we also get to meet some pretty cool people while we’re at it.

“Choosing to be a part of Bham Now is more than just a job—it’s an immersive experience that combines trendiness, upbeat energy and a strong sense of purpose.

The blend of positivity and hard work is truly contagious, creating an environment that’s both enjoyable and fulfilling.”

David Matthews, Account Executive intern

We’re dedicated to seeing communities thrive

The biggest reason Alabama is such a beautiful place is because of the people. Through our connections in Birmingham, Huntsville and surrounding cities, we are proud to contribute to the growth of Alabama.

“I love that every day I get to contribute to a better Huntsville and forge meaningful connections with community members. If you are passionate about the Huntsville area and love to work in a fun, fast-paced environment, this is the job for you.”

Lacey Spear, Senior Content Producer, Hville Blast

Our work would not be possible if not for the support system we have behind us. Each other’s hard work does not go unnoticed, and we are better because we build each other up.

“In my long and varied career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in some incredible places with great people. What makes Bham Now stand out is how everyone looks out for each other and works to make each other better at what we do.”

Sharron Swain, Managing Producer

We have fun

McWane Science Center IMAX
Team bonding at McWane Science Center IMAX. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

No one wants to come to a job everyday where they don’t love the people or the work they do. Lucky for us, we don’t have to. Here are just a few takes from our team on how fun the job is.

“I’ve stuck with Bham Now (and our sister brands, The Bama Buzz + Hville Blast) because the people are awesome and the days fly by. There’s always something new + exciting to write about, and no two days are the same.”

Sarah Gronberg, Content Producer, The Bama Buzz

I work at Bham Now and continue to because I love the people I work with, I believe in the brand and I am honored to play a small part in the success. You should consider working here because you have boundless opportunities to grow and learn, and it is so much fun!”

Kathryn Mouchette, Account Executive intern

“If you’re someone who cares about fostering local talent or connecting with others to find solutions to complex problems, then this is a perfect place to be. The occasional office pretzels and affogatos are a nice work perk, too!”

Gabi Hembree-Lee, Business Development Manager

Do you have a desire to get out in the community, connect with local leaders and share their stories? Then we want you! Head to Bham Now, Hville Blast and The Bama Buzz to get involved in this culture.

Callie Morrison
Callie Morrison
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