7 girl dinners that are very Birmingham

girl dinner olives and
Bread and Olives start the meal at Bottega Favorita (Bham Now)

The “girl dinner” trend that’s sweeping social media is one that comes naturally to a lot of us (myself included). Essentially, it’s a meal made of a random assortment of foods. No cooking required. And it usually involves cheese. What’s not to like?

To step up your girl dinner game, make it local! Here are seven Birmingham-inspired ideas.

1. Morris Avenue girl dinner

Morris Pepper Place 104 7 girl dinners that are very Birmingham
Grab a bag of at Alabama Peanut Co. on Morris Avenue. (Sabrina Palmer/Bham Now)

I never knew how much I liked boiled peanuts until I tried Alabama Peanut Co. Combine a bag of your favorite flavor with a scoop of gelato from Canella Gelato (it’s just around the corner!), and you’ve got yourself a girl dinner you can’t get anywhere else.

Alabama Peanut Co.

Cannella Gelato

2. Harvest Roots girl dinner

Harvest Roots
Calling all pickle lovers. (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

Many of the girl dinners you see on TikTok involve pickles. At Harvest Roots Ferments, you can get a girl dinner that’s just pickles—and you can pair it with some kombucha, too.

3. Juniper girl dinner

Inside Juniper, in Birmingham’s Forest Park neighborhood. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Juniper’s menu lends itself to an upscale girl dinner, with items like spicy marinated olives, hand-pulled mozzarella and a vegetable plate. The drinks are a welcome addition, too.

4. El Barrio girl dinner

El Barrio 9 7 girl dinners that are very Birmingham
El Barrio’s guacamole is incredible. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

You knew it was coming. Nothing screams “girl dinner” like El Barrio’s seasonal guac and chips. Pair it with a margarita and you’ve got yourself a girl dinner of champions.

5. Birmingham Bread Works girl dinner

This one’s inspired by one of our team member’s girl dinner (well, it was technically a girl lunch). A loaf of sourdough bread from Birmingham Bread Works hits the spot any day, and it goes with all of your favorite girl dinner staples.

6. TrimTab girl dinner

Birmingham, TrimTab, BirmingFAM
TrimTab is the perfect casual atmosphere for a girl dinner. (Bham Now)

When Daddy Hot Bird is parked outside TrimTab, that’s a recipe for a great girl dinner. Grab a beer inside, then snag some mozzarella sticks from the food truck. Hey, nobody said girl dinner was healthy.

7. Freddy’s Wine Bar girl dinner

bham nowies
Freddy’s Wine Bar has plenty of options for a snacky dinner. (Jacob Blankenship/ Bham Now)

At this point, it’s probably crossed your mind that “girl dinner” is very similar to another food trend—charcuterie boards. You wouldn’t be wrong. The two go hand in hand, and we love stopping at Freddy’s for it.

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