California-based Biergarten joining the Alabama foodie scene

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Photo by Amie Johnson (Unsplash).

Dog Haus Biergarten confirmed three Alabama locations, including one in Birmingham.

They are known for their handcrafted hot dogs, sausages, burgers + more. All served on King’s Hawaiian rolls- yum!

Keep reading to learn more about Dog Haus and where we might see them settle down.

Everything you could want in a Biergarten

Food + beer galore!

Dog Haus Biergarten has everything from loaded Haus Dogs to Haus Burgers, and everything in between. They pride themselves on their 100% genetically tested, humanely raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free Black Angus beef from Creekstone Farms.

Here are some of their stand-out menu items:

  • Sooocali Haus Dog: wild arugula, avocado, tomato, crispy onions, spicy basil aioli
  • Ringer Haus Burger: cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce
  • Bad Mutha Clucka Haus Chicken: crispy fried or grilled tenders, lettuce, pickles, miso ranch
  • Cajun Breakfast Burrito: 3 sunny side up eggs, cajun bier-cheese sausage, hot tots, white American cheese, caramelized onions, chipotle aioli

According to the BBJ, they have 24 beers on tap as well as a curated cocktail selection by mixologist Phil Willis.

Check out a handful of their featured cocktails:

  • Gin-N-Juice: gin, raspberry, hibiscus, grapefruit, soda water
  • Irish Hello: Irish whiskey, blackberry, mint, ginger beer
  • Herby Derby: bourbon whiskey, honey, grapefruit, rosemary
  • Tequila Thyme: tequila blanco, orange curaçao, honey, thyme, lemon

Want more info?

Unfortunately, the locations have not been disclosed yet. Stay tuned for more information regarding where we can meet them!

To learn more about Dog Haus, visit their Website + Facebook.

If you could decide—where would you put the new Dog Haus Biergarten? Let us know on Facebook + Instagram!

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