Help Patrick O’Mara break a world record June 8—here’s how 

Patrick O'Mara, world record
(Patrick O’Mara)

Written by: Ashton Ray

When looking for ways to market his business, Patrick O’Mara wanted to do something that would make him stand out. When a Bham Now article about a local business owner breaking a Guinness World Record caught his eye, he decided to follow in their footsteps. Now, O’Mara is looking to break a world record, too, by giving the most speeches presented in twenty-four hours, but he can’t do it without your help.

40:40:40 in 24 hours

Patrick O'Mara
(Aww Shucks)

O’Mara is attempting what seems impossible, but he’s determined. He said the best part of this process has been learning what he’s capable of accomplishing. He’s attempting forty unscripted speeches in twenty-four hours, with forty different topics, at forty different locations, with a different group of people in the audience at every stop. 

Inspired by fortune cookies

Patrick O'Mara
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O’Mara knows a thing or two about how to give a speech, though he’s never attempted anything like this before. Each unique speech topic will be chosen by O’Mara opening a fortune cookie at the speech site and letting the fortune inside inspire the topic. He’s relying on luck for good topics.

Here’s how you can help

Patrick O'Mara
(Summer Guffey / Bham Now)

O’Mara knows he can’t do this alone, and that’s where you come in. He needs help in two ways: 

  1. Places: O’Mara has secured a handful of locations like REV Birmingham (Social Venture), Fitness 459 CrossFit, and Brock’s Gap Brewing Company, he needs more. Based on the rules he’s following, the locations each need to be different and they all need to be able to host fifty people. Do you know somewhere that could be a good fit? Send O’Mara an email today.
  2. People: Every speech O’Mara presents has to have an audience of at least ten people, and those ten people have to be different at every site. Want to hear O’Mara give one of his speeches? Mark your calendar for June 8th and let O’Mara know you’re in by sending him an email.

Be part of history

This is your chance to be a part of history as O’Mara works to break this world record. O’Mara said, “It started with a Bham Now story,” but expressed that it’s grown into so much more. To be a part of breaking this world record, contact Patrick O’Mara to see how you can help.

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