7 of the best things we ate this March in Birmingham

best things we ate in March, Pizza grace
This carrot cake looks too good to eat. (Bham Now)

If you’ve been in Birmingham for a while, you know there are so many delicious foods to try. Tomorrow may be April 1, but no April Fool’s jokes here, these are the best things the Bham Now team ate in March.

1. Brisket Tacos, Fat Charles BBQ

best things we ate in March, fat Charles bbq
Those crispy taco shells look like perfection. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

“You can’t go wrong with BBQ in the south and to add a taco shell to it makes it even better!”

Jacob Blankenship, Channel Analyst + Photographer

2. #7 Taco, Ladybird Taco

best things we ate in March, ladybird taco
Ladybird has quickly stolen the Bham Now team’s heart. (Emma Johnston / Bham Now)

“Brisket, potato, rajas, queso. Need I say more? This taco was by far the BEST thing I ate in Birmingham this month! The brisket was so tender and juicy and smothered in delicious queso, while the rajas provided just the perfect crunch to make this debatably the best soft taco in Birmingham. Just wow.”

Jessica Broom, Senior Account Executive

3. Carrot Cake, Pizza Grace

PizzaGrace 20230309 164709 7 of the best things we ate this March in Birmingham
This cake deserves a photo shoot. (Bham Now)

“One of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten.”

Cindy Martin, President + CEO

4. Bang Bang Shrimp Quesadilla, Carrigan’s Pub

best things we ate in March, carrigan's
I know what I’m eating this weekend. (Trey Huie / Bham Now)

“This quesadilla was delicious (although a little messy!) and had the perfect amount of spiceyness. I ordered a beer to balance the spice—highly recommended.”

Trey Huie, Account Executive

5. Fiesta Bowl, The Lumbar

best things we ate in March,
Pair this with one of The Lumbar’s cocktails and you have a meal. (Emma Johnston / Bham Now)

“These crispy sweet potato fries with corn, ranch and pimento cheese were a delicious appetizer. I ended up mixing it all together for a flavorful experience.”

Emma Johnston, Content Producer

6. The Breakup Cookie, Church Street Coffee & Books

best things we ate in March, church street cafe
To share or not to share? (Lauryn Stinson / Bham Now)

“There is a reason The Breakup Cookies are so well known in Birmingham. They’re warm, soft, chocolatey and the sea salt on top ties it all together. These are by far the best cookies I had this month.”

Lauryn Stinson, Content Producer

7. Mexican Street Corn, Aww Shucks 

Aww Shucks
So much flavor. (Gabby Gervais / Bham Now)

“If y’all haven’t tried this corn yet, RUN to get some. You can’t go wrong with any flavor, but my personal faves have been Mexican Street Corn and Garlic Herb Parmesan. It will change your life.”

Gabby Gervais, Content Producer 

These were the best things we ate in March but tell us, Birmingham. Where do we need to eat in April? Follow us on FacebookInstagram TikTok and let us know.

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Emma Johnston
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