Fife’s Restaurant named one of the tastiest breakfast joints in the South

Birmingham Alabama fife's restaurant
One of the best in the South. (Bham Now)

Garden & Gun recently named Birmingham’s Fife’s Restaurant as one of seven of the best breakfast joints in the South. Keep reading for more on the award winning spot.

Serving up breakfast for over 60 years

Fife’s breakfast is hard to beat. (Fife’s Restaurant)

Fife’s has been cooking up breakfast for Bham since 1959, so you know you’re in good hands here.

Garden & Gun nailed it as they described the beloved spot:

“After Bogue’s closed in 2022, following an eighty-four-year run, Birminghamians weren’t sure where to go for breakfast. But Fife’s has been there nearly all along, having opened in 1959.

The homey restaurant shifts to cafeteria service for lunch, but scrambles eggs and flips pancakes to order. Devotees are divided on sides: Some favor thick-skinned smoked sausage, while others are partial to sweet country ham.”

Hannah Raskin, Garden & Gun

Breakfast + more

photo12 Fife's Restaurant named one of the tastiest breakfast joints in the South
Who doesn’t love a meat and three? (Fife’s Restaurant)

Although the breakfast is delicious, Fife’s is also one of our favorite meat and threes in town. I mean, look at that spread! The fried chicken and mashed potatoes are calling my name.

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