11 delicious breakfast places you need to try in Birmingham

Birmingham, Big Bad Breakfast
French toast with fresh strawberries…a personal favorite! (Big Bad Breakfast / Facebook)

Did you know Birmingham is full of delicious breakfast places? From French toast to pancakes and eggs, we have you covered with a guide to the best breakfast places around Birmingham. Keep reading to find out where you need to eat breakfast next.

1. Big Bad Breakfast

Birmingham, Big Bad Breakfast, breakfast, pancakes, brunch
Pancakes + bacon make the best duo. (Big Bad Breakfast / Facebook)

Looking for the perfect stack of pancakes? Check out Big Bad Breakfast for a stack of fluffy ones. These pancakes are the perfect combination of light and fluffy and can be paired with your choice of meat. If you are a pancake lover, these are a must try and also can be found on our list of mouth-watering pancakes in Birmingham.

2. FIVE Birmingham

FIVE Birmingham
Chicken and waffles always help you start your day off right. (FIVE Birmingham / Facebook)

FIVE Birmingham is a hip restaurant known for its simple five item brunch menu. Plus, this restaurant only uses local ingredients. It’s the perfect spot to try out if big menus overwhelm you.

3. Roots & Revelry

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How do you like your eggs? (Roots & Revelry / Facebook)

Turn breakfast into an adventure at Roots & Revelry. Located on the second floor of the historic Thomas Jefferson Tower, the food and the views are amazing. Roots & Revelry is an experience you don’t want to miss. Take a group this holiday season and enjoy the views of downtown Birmingham while enjoying breakfast.

4. Birmingham Breadworks

Birmingham Breadworks
Calling all bread lovers. (Birmingham Breadworks / Facebook)

Looking for a fresh, flaky croissant to start your morning off right? Birmingham Breadworks is home to some of the best morning pastries in Birmingham. They work hard to craft fresh baked goods that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, their locally handcrafted bread is absolutely delicious. Also, check out additional go-to spots for breakfast similar to Birmingham Breadworks to try.

5. Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey avocado toast
A fork and knife avocado toast situation I will definitely be returning for more of. (Lauren Perry / Bham Now)

I tried the Avo Toast at the recently opened Frothy Monkey downtown—it was loaded with fresh avocado and roasted vegetables. The homemade bread had a perfect texture that was cakey and thick but crisp on the edges. Paired with a cup of coffee, Frothy Monkey is the perfect spot to grab breakfast.

6. The Essential

The Essential
Steak and Eggs (The Essential / Facebook)

Enjoy a nice breakfast at The Essential located downtown on Morris Avenue. With their menu you will be able to find a breakfast item for everyone. They have all the morning goods from eggs to breakfast sandwiches to French toast and so much more. The Essential is a morning must!

7. Hero Doughnuts

Birmingham, Hero Doughnuts
The ultimate selection of doughnuts! (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

Looking for a sweet treat for breakfast. Hero Doughnuts is a go-to spot, they have all the doughnut flavors you can imagine and more. My favorite is they have the best seasonal flavors to keep you in the spirit of the holidays. Hero Doughuts may be know for their delicious doughnuts, but they also have other options from cinnamon rolls, kolaches, breakfast sandwiches and much more.

8. Flying Biscuit Café

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Breakfast of champions. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

The Flying Biscuit Café is one of the fun breakfast places that serves breakfast all day in Birmingham. The unique menu offers pancake tacos stuffed with all the breakfast essentials from eggs to bacon to cheese. My favorite pick from the menu is the stuffed French toast breakfast. It is a must try if you love a thick French toast with all the sugary toppings like sweet cream cheese and raspberry sauce.

9. The Alabama Biscuit Co.

Bacon biscuit…YES please. (Alabama Biscuit Co. / Facebook)

We love warm biscuits in the south and Alabama Biscuit Co. has some of the best ones. Order a plain biscuit with jam or get crazy and dress it up with all the toppings from goat cheese, pecans, honey and much more. Biscuit lovers, this is the place for you.

10. The YARD Birmingham

bfast 11 delicious breakfast places you need to try in Birmingham
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. (The YARD Birmingham / Facebook)

Nestled within the Elyton Hotel, grab a delicious bite at The Yard. They have an extensive breakfast and brunch menu with options for everyone including a spicy fried chicken biscuit. The is one of the great breakfast places in Birmingham to check out if you are celebrating big. The Elyton Hotel in Birmingham is a must see!

11. Ruby Sunshine

Ruby Sunshine
All the breakfast options. (Ruby Sunshine / Bham Now)

With cajun roots, Ruby Sunshine is one of the ultimate breakfast places for brunch. With beignets and seafood on their menu, like a crawfish and grits cake, you’ll feel like you’re dining in New Orleans. Plus, they have an extensive cocktail menu to pair with your delicious breakfast choice—we’ll cheers to that.

Pair your breakfast with a local Birmingham coffee. Where is your favorite Birmingham breakfast? Tag us @bhamnow and let us know!

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