Kami-Con is at The BJCC February 10-12—get your tickets now


Cosplay at Kami-Con
Cosplay at Kami-Con (Kami-Con)

If you’re into anime, gaming or cosplay, get your tickets now for Kami-Con. Alabama’s largest anime and gaming comic-con is coming to the BJCC February 10-12, and you don’t want to miss it.

Know before you go

The Vendor Room at Kami-Con is a sight to behold. (Kami-Con)

Get autographs from your favorite actors + creators

Autographs at Kami-Con
So many autographs, so little time (Kami-Con)

You’ll find a number of voice actors you’ve no doubt heard (hello, Squidward) in the vendor room, located in the 34,600-square foot North Exhibition Hall 1.

And, Gary Trousdale—the creator, director, story writer and storyboard artist for major films such as Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King, Little Mermaid, Atlantis the Lost Empire and more—will be there.

Bring your money, because the vendor room has something for everyone, whether it’s autographs, Pokémon cards, fandom merch, games, collectibles and more.

While you’re there, be sure to spend some time in Artist Alley, which showcases the best juried selection of local and regional artists, featuring a variety of different styles and kinds of art.

Check out 5 concerts, including Vocaloid + 2 bonus events

  • The Living Tombstone: They’ve been called “the Internet’s biggest gaming band” by NME, and with over 10 million fans and billions of streams, it’s easy to see why. They’ll be live at Kami-Con. Check them out on YouTube.
  • DemonDice: This vocalist, rapper, lyricist and animator moved to Japan to start music activities in Tokyo’s underground internet rap scene. Now she’s found her niche popularizing “alternative rap.” She’ll be live at Kami-Con Saturday night. Listen.
  • Vocaloid Concert: Kami-Con’s Authorized Fan Made Vocaloid Concert (IYKYK) is brought to you by Synthesized Reality Productions, bringing your favorite Vocaloid characters to life in fully-rendered 3D onstage. Closed-toe shoes required for entry to this one, which is Saturday night.
  • CG5: This 23-year-old prolific singer/songwriter from Arizona is one of YouTube’s leading music creators, with over 3.7M subscribers and over 1B views. On Spotify, CG5 has amassed over 1.2B worlwide streams, plus 1.5+M monthly listeners. On TikTok, you’ll find over 7.6M video creations based on his songs, with almost 2M followers. Listen.
  • OR30: Euria Sin, aka OR30, is a YouTube musician who’s known for her fan-made game songs and the ‘Clover’ series of songs. Fun fact: She’s a multilingual American of South Korean descent who speaks English, Korean, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese + Filipino (Tagalog) and she’ll be doing a concert. Listen.


  • Kami-Con DANCE: Because where else can you go to a dance dressed as a dinosaur? 16+ up only—read the rules first so everyone has a good time.
  • Fashion Show: Haenuli, a Lolita fashion design brand from Korea, and Hyper Core, the Harajuku street fashion group, will be performing a fashion show on Saturday afternoon.

Enter a contest for fame, glory + maybe cash

Ramen-eating contest at Kami-Con
The one time it’s ok to stuff your face. (Jacob Blankenship/Bham Now)
  • AMV: Submit your Anime Music Video to the juried contest. Note: not all AMVs will make it to the competition. You have to be present at the contest to win awards.
  • Cosplay Contest: With cash prizes to win, you don’t want to miss this one.
  • Ramen-eating Contest: Spots are limited, so sign up fast. Also note, ramen is served hot, so partake at your own risk.

Watch anime to your heart’s content

Because Kami-Con is amazing, and sometimes you need to chill for a while. So, head to the Anime Screening Room when you need a break.

Table-top gaming, video game tournaments + more

Gaming at Kami-Con
Lots of gaming at Kami-Con (Kami-Con)

If you’re a gamer of any stripe, you’ll be in heaven at Kami-Con.

  • Japanese Arcade: In the room with the PCs, they have all kinds of arcade games you can play alone or with a friend.
  • Console / PC Gaming: Rows + rows of gamers, plus tournaments you can watch.
  • Tabletop Gaming: From D&D to Magic: The Gathering, you’ll find all the games you can imagine, plus other gamers to play them with.
  • Active Gaming: Includes dodgeball, protect the congirls, capture the flag, parachute field day + more.

Know you want to go? Get your tickets today + follow Kami-Con: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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