New mountain bike trail “Tails” coming to Oak Mountain

Alabama State Parks
Mountain biking at Oak Mountain State Park. (Billy Pope / Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources)

Are you an avid mountain biker, or always on the hunt for a new adventure? Look no further—Oak Mountain State Park named its new mountain biking trail “Tails” and is ready for everyone to enjoy.

What is Tails?

According to the Shelby Counter Reporter—In partnership with Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP), a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Saturday, Jan. 7 for the new mountain bike trail “Tails” at Oak Mountain.

“The “Tails” trial is going to be a phenomenal addition here at Oak Mountain and a wonderful adventure for a mountain biker for years to come. The amazing challenges that this trail provides, the really phenomenal course and the technical parts of this have been really well received and from the folks that are here and riding the trail.”

Scotti Jackson, Central District Superintendent for the Shelby County Reporter

BUMP is a 501C3 nonprofit organization which also works as a division for Southern Off-Road Bicycle Associations (SORBA). As part of the International Mountain Bike Organization, SORBA seeks to enhance and preserve mountain experiences in the Southeast.

Currently, BUMP has approximately 40 miles of mountain bike trails and three trails are being built in Oak Mountain State Park, due to donations from Shelby County.

The landscaping of Tails has been noted as an important element to the new addition. Oak Mountain regulars and experienced bikers have appreciated the challenging aspects of this course.

With a mix of single and double track trails, Oak Mountain State Park is home to approximately 30 miles of mountain biking trails. With this new addition of the “Tails’ trail, it is hopefully 30 miles and growing.

Looking for more mountain biking trails?

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Callie Morrison
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