10 awesome locations to go mountain biking in Birmingham

Mountain biking
Ride your bike! (Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP) / Website)

Get ready to bike—Birmingham is home to some of the best mountain biking trails around. Grab your helmet and gear up because we have the ultimate guide to where you can ride around town.

1. RideBHM

mountain biking trails at
Are you going to catch air? (RideBHM / Instagram)

Starting the list off strong we have RideBHM, Alabama’s first-ever downhill mountain biking park. The grand opening is taking place on Saturday, November 19 from 2-5PM and you don’t want to miss out. RideBHM will have options for everyone, from never mountain biking before to perfecting your technique. Come check out all the awesome courses RideBHAM has to offer.

2. Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers

mountain biking
Don’t forget your headlight! (Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP) / Instagram)

Looking for all different types of trials? Check out Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers. They have it all from fast-direction trails to downhill gravity-type trails and beginner-to-advanced-level trails. The mission of Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers is to build, maintain, preserve and ride mountain bike trails in Birmingham and surrounding areas. BUMP maintains about 30 miles of trails at Oak Mountain and has access to the Trussville Sports Complex trail, where there is a five-mile loop.

3. Red Mountain Park

RedMtnParkFatherSonBikers 10 awesome locations to go mountain biking in Birmingham
Mountain biking in Birmingham is a family affair. (Red Mountain Park / Instagram)

Bring your kids to Red Mountain Park for a fun day of bike riding. Red Mountain Park’s 15-mile trail system traverses exciting and diverse terrain to take on, including family-friendly paths.

4. Gardendale Urban Trail System

bike 10 awesome locations to go mountain biking in Birmingham
Ready, set, BIKE! ( Gardendale Urban Trail System / Website)

Gardendale Urban Trail System contains lots of trail length packed into one small area. Come out here with your bike to experience lots of fun loops and options with some difficult trails for a fun and challenging ride.

5. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

Mountain biking
Mountain biking in Birmingham sure looks fun with this group. (Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP)/ Facebook)

Take a day trip out to Tannehill State Park. Expect the terrain to have over 200 feet of elevation change, interesting topography, rock outcroppings and creeks. Out here at Tannehill State Park, there is a variety of sweet trails—ranging from technical and rocky, smooth and fast single-track to a quaint, double-track—in the 1500 acres of pine and hardwood forest.

6. Coldwater Mountain

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Watch out for rocks! (Coldwater Mountain / Facebook)

Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail offers everything a rider could wish for: explore red-dirt trails in a backcountry setting, shuttle the gravity runs and style out the optional technical lines. Plus, you can enjoy scenic, entry-level trails for a much smoother ride. Mountain biking in Birmingham is scenic when you ride at Coldwater Mountain.

7. Black Creek Mountain Bike Park

Mountain Bike Trail at Black Creek 10 awesome locations to go mountain biking in Birmingham
Another great mountain biking in Birmingham gem. (Black Creek Mountain Bike Park / Website)

Hoover’s 73-acre mountain bike park is located along Stadium Trace Parkway across from the Lake Wilborn community. This park offers five miles of trails built into the natural terrain for all levels of riders. Bring your friends!

8. Cahaba River Park

Forever Wild
Will ride for these views! (Screenshot of the Cahaba River Park from the Shelby County Tourism video)

Come check out the  17 miles of professionally designed and constructed trails for mountain biking along the Cahaba River. With this view, the miles will fly by. Cahaba River Park is one of Birmingham’s newest nature preserves.

9. Oak Mountain State Park

upcoming runs
Watch out for bikers! (Oak Mountain State Park/ Website)

There are approximately 30 miles (and growing) of mountain biking trails at Oak Mountain State Park. The trails are a mix of mostly single-track and some double-track trails with about 1600 feet of combined climbing. The trails at Oak Mountain State Park are known across the country. Come check them out for yourself.

10. Trussville Sports Complex

b 10 awesome locations to go mountain biking in Birmingham
action shot. (Trussville Sports Complex / Website)

There’s something for everyone here at the Trussville Sports Complex. There is a lot to do in a compact twisty, five-mile ride. Get a great workout in with good climbs, slick rocks, gnarley roots and skinny bridges. This course is a bit more technical than a beginner course.

Stay in the loop with all the knowledge about mountain biking in Birmingham. Looking to get outside more? Check out Storyteller Overland headquartered right here in Birmingham. Tag us on social media @bhamnow when you take your next mountain bike adventure.

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