Start your spring garden now at a seed exchange in Birmingham

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Start prepping your garden today. (Bham Now)

Whether you’re looking to plant a garden for the first time or you’ve had a green thumb for years, you’ll want to come to a local seed exchange. Read on to learn how you can start your spring garden today.

What is a seed exchange?

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Have you started planning for your garden? (Graham Yelton / Birmingham Botanical Gardens)

Sometimes you just have extra seeds or want to plant something new. That’s where a seed exchange, or swap, comes in. According to Birmingham Botanical Gardens, a seed exchange is all about sharing seeds and learning from fellow gardeners.

Most importantly, this can encourage natural biodiversity by swapping locally adapted plant varieties. These exchanges can keep certain plant varieties thriving and expanding by having the plants grown in gardens across the city. Sharing seeds helps care for our local environment!

Head to a seed exchange in Birmingham

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
I can’t wait to see beautiful flowers spring up around Birmingham. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Curious about how to find a seed exchange in town? Here’s one you won’t want to miss:

Surprisingly (or not), it’s easy to find fellow gardeners on social media. There are Facebook groups, like Birmingham Seed Bank/Exchange, that share events and are a space where people can talk about the seeds they have and need.

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