The Foundry Farm digs deeper than dirt—a unique recovery program


foundry farm
A vegetable garden is just one part of The Foundry Farm. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

On beautiful, green rolling hills north of Birmingham sits a farm that’s home to more than just garden plots. The Foundry Farm, a recovery program part of The Foundry Ministries, helps men find healing from their addictions. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible program and how you can help The Foundry Farm.

A healing home

The Foundry Farm 135 The Foundry Farm digs deeper than dirt—a unique recovery program
A house with a mission to help. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

A house that’s made for restoration is on 80 acres in Cullman. As one of the recovery program options part of The Foundry Ministries, it’s a home and farm that goes back to simpler times. The addiction treatment center focuses on a path of healing for those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. The recovery program has seen great healing in the lives of the men who join the program, like in the life of the director of The Foundry Farm, Eddie Wilson, who is a 2005 graduate of The Foundry.

“Our mission is to restore hope and rebuild lives. The Foundry Ministries and Farm is a haven where the addict and the destitute experience the love of Christ, find freedom and discover purpose.

We have seen this mission play out with life changing transformations, family reconciliations and God-loving men becoming dads, sons, brothers and grandsons again who before coming to the farm had little to no hope of ever becoming these men to their families and loved ones.”

Eddie Wilson, Director, The Foudry Farm

Learn how to help The Foundry Farm continue growing and helping people recover from addiction.

Who does The Foundry Farm help?

Foundry Farm hen house
The Foundry Farm’s hen house produces more eggs than you can imagine. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

Who exactly can find help here? Well, 70 men can find a home and help at The Foundry Farm. These men often come from the streets or another desperate situation due to their addiction. The application to apply for one of these 70 spots is found on Foundry Ministries’ website and includes personal information and questions about drug and alcohol use.

More than just a farm

The Foundry Farm 134 The Foundry Farm digs deeper than dirt—a unique recovery program
This chapel and multi-use building will be a big blessing for The Foundry Farm. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

During their time at The Foundry Farm, the men participate in different classes and activities to help them overcome addiction and get the support they need to live a successful, drug-free life. The daily program activities include:

  • Self-examination and group discussions
  • Personal and spiritual development classes and counseling
  • Running and maintaining the farm and hen house
  • Worship and church services

Not only are the residents finding freedom from their addictions, but they’re also learning useful skills to use after the recovery program. The hen house on the property houses about 600 hens and teaches the men about the poultry industry and egg production. Talk about a lot of eggs! Thankfully, with that many eggs, the Foundry Farm is able to feed the residents plus all of the other people in Foundry Ministries programs. They also sell eggs to local restaurants and grocery stores—an amazing sustainability model.

Additionally, the new construction of a chapel, which also will serve as a multi-use building, will be a way to unite the men with their families while they’re on the path to recovery.

“This new chapel will allow us to connect sons, daughters, spouses and other family members to an environment that will be filled with the Holy Spirit while at the same time sharing this amazing experience with their loved one who is in our program.

The multi-use part of the chapel will allow volunteers to come in and serve a meal that they prepared ahead of time and give us plenty of space to enjoy good food as well as a great time of fellowship. It will also give us space for classes while we walk through the men in the programs curriculum daily, while also having the space for praise and worship to take place at any given time.”

Eddie Wilson, Director, The Foudry Farm

How can you help?

foundry ministries
Be part of someone’s path to recovery. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

Curious about how you can help these men? There’s so much you can do to support The Foundry’s mission, including volunteering as an individual or with a group and donating online.

“If you want to get involved with The Foundry Farm, we are always in need of mentors for the men, volunteers for a wide variety of things, including preparing meals, maintenance on the farm, holding a Bible study, sharing praise and worship music or holding a drive of some kind based on our needs at that time.

We will always need prayer for the men in the program and our staff and, of course, financial gifts are welcome and needed to help us continue to grow what God has started at the farm.”

Eddie Wilson, Director, The Foudry Farm

For full details on how you can volunteer and donate to this life-changing organization, be sure to visit Foundry Ministries’ website.

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