Fitness gurusā€”learn how these climbers stay fit and have fun in Birmingham


HighPoint 20221027 163406 Fitness gurusā€”learn how these climbers stay fit and have fun in Birmingham
Justin Tindal has been climbing for years and finally got his girlfriend Rose to come along too. (Bham Now)

Rose and Justin Tindal have been climbing multiple times a week at High Point Climbing and Fitness for over two years now. Keep reading to learn what keeps them coming backā€”from community to stress relief and more.

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1. The High Point community

high point climbing in birmingham
Rose and Justin Tindal. (Bham Now)

It’s been nearly three years since Rose and Justin Tindal started climbing at High Point together. They both agreed that the High Point community has played the biggest factor in keeping them coming back for more every single week.

“Justin had been climbing long before I got into it. I started coming with him feeling super nervous and awkward, but two months in I started not only to to love the sport but to love just getting out and going to High Point. The people we’ve met here are so great and our best friends now are people we’ve met here at the gym.”

Rose Ferguson Tindal

Come check out the welcoming High Point community for yourself:

2. Climbing is a stress reliever

HighPoint 20221027 164325 Fitness gurusā€”learn how these climbers stay fit and have fun in Birmingham
The community at High Point is unbeatable. (Bham Now)

Justin started working out at his college gym as a way to get rid of nerves and really as a source of stress relief. This is exactly the outlet that climbing has become for him.

“I went to my school’s gym because a lot of people I knew worked out there, and I was very stressed and needed something to do with that. I remember I was sitting there working one of the machines and thought to myself, Why am I here?’ I looked to the side and I saw someone fall from on a rope at the climbing center and knew I had to try it. I was immediately hooked.

So I absolutely started climbing primarily to relieve stress, and through climbing I met some awesome friends.”

Justin Tindal

3. High Point makes working out fun

Justin found High Point shortly after college and started working there, spending around 70 hours a week at the gym both working and climbing. A win-win!

Soon after that, he convinced Rose to come along and try it out and she was hooked on the fun workout and sport just like he was.

“It really is fun. That’s another one of the biggest parts of why we love it so much. You walk in and the staff is so welcoming and makes it all so much fun. Half the time I’m chatting with other climbers and staff members and don’t even realize the time that’s gone by. You can’t say that about all workouts!”

Rose Ferguson Tindal

More reasons to love High Point

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Yoga classes are free for members. (High Point Climbing / Facebook)

I (new to the climbing world) checked out High Point for myself and can confirm there are quite a few reasons High Point is such an awesome place. Here are a few:

  • The place is HUGEā€”there really is something for everyone.
  • It’s perfect for all levels of climbers, from a kid zone to 52-foot climbing walls.
  • You can do more than climb at High Point, including:
    • yoga classes
    • fully stocked weight and cardio rooms
    • group fitness classes + more
  • New climbers can take their Top Rope Belay Class to get a free two-week membership to try everything out.

Ready to get climbing in Birmingham? Check out their website to visit or become a member.

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