Nabeel’s Cafe + 5 more Birmingham places we said goodbye to in the fall

1 nabeels 1 Nabeel's Cafe + 5 more Birmingham places we said goodbye to in the fall
Nabeel’s was a Homewood staple for over 50 years. (Chaise Sanders / Bham Now)

It’s never easy to say goodbye, especially when it’s a spot that holds a special place in your heart. We’re sad to see these six Birmingham businesses close their doors and we hope to see them again one day.

1. Crazy Cajuns Boiling Pot | Inverness

plate of crawfish
The ultimate crawfish boil. (Crazy Cajuns Boiling Pot)

Owners Robert and Lulu Regard announced that they’ve decided to step down from the restaurant business. The couple is hoping that the doors of Crazy Cajuns won’t officially close, but, instead, someone would be willing to take over the business.

“After some long talks, soul-searching and consideration, Robert and I have decided to retire from the restaurant business. Robert has said for a couple of years now that this is a young person’s game and we have both moved on to new ventures.

It’s time for us to step down. We are asking if any of you know someone who would like to take over, please let us know. We are willing to assist anyone who would be interested in learning the ropes at the boiling pot. We would much rather see it move forward with fresh ideas and great enthusiasm than to just shut the doors.”

– Lulu Regard, Co-owner, Crazy Cajuns, Facebook post

2. Little London Kitchen | Homewood

little london truck
Little London’s food truck came to Birmingham all the way from London. (Bham Now)

Fish and chips is one of my favorite dishes, so you know Little London Kitchen in West Homewood was a hard goodbye. Not only did they bring a taste of London, but the double-decker red bus was about as classic British as you could get. This English Pub cited understaffing as the reason for the closure.

“Hello all. We appreciate all of the love and support you have shown us throughout the last few weeks. You have truly shown the power of community. However, we cannot in good conscience continue to deliver the level of service we have as we are so understaffed. Please check back in for updates soon. Thank you.”

– The Little London Kitchen, Instagram

3. Huffstutler’s Hardware | Homewood

Huffstutlers Hardware
Huffstutler’s Hardware has been around for almost a century. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Huffstutler’s Hardware has been in the Birmingham community since 1930. This neighborhood hardware store first opened its doors on the block where Soho Square/Homewood City Hall now stands. Then it moved to its location on Central Ave.

“It’s always hard to see a staple from the community make the difficult decision to move on, but when you think of the iconic representation that Huffstutlers has had in Homewood, it hurts just a little worse. The Huffstutlers name has been synonymous with Homewood for decades, and while it’s a sad day for our city, we wish them the very best.”

– Patrick McClusky, Mayor, City of Homewood

4. Nabeel’s | Homewood

I’ll miss seeing this yummy restaurant on the corner of Oxmoor Road. (Chaise Sanders / Bham Now)

With its scrumptious baklava, gyros and other Mediterranean classics, Nabeel’s Cafe & Market served the Homewood community for over 50 years. Not only could you dine in, but you could also shop for goods imported from Europe. The restaurant was originally founded by Nabeel Shunnarah. In 1993, John and Ottavia Krontiras took over ownership of the market/restaurant. Then, in 2017, Ramsey Duck continued to build off of what Nabeel started. While no one knows the true cause for Nabeel’s demise, we wish the owners and staff all the best.

5. Burrito Punx

Burrito Punx
Breakfast burritos = the absolute best. (Burrito Punx / Facebook)

The best things come wrapped in a tortilla. We’ll miss Burrito Punx‘s handmade cart-style burritos that were available for delivery and pickup in Birmingham. These burritos were unique because all the ingredients used were vegan—except cheese and egg, but could easily be left off—and the flour tortillas were handmade and locally sourced. While our stomachs are sad not to be filled with these yummy burritos anymore, we’ll be watching their social media for future burrito adventure updates.

6. OfficeMax | Brook Highland Plaza

According to the Birmingham Business Journal, OfficeMax in Brook Highland Plaza announced that it will be closing this December. This is just one of the many recent changes to this retail center. In early July, First National Realty Partners, a real estate investment firm based in New Jersey, purchased this spot for $77 million, according to Shopping Center Business.

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