Little London Kitchen in West Homewood is closing its doors, citing understaffing

Little London
Little London Kitchen in Homewood. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

An English Pub that caught everyone’s attention with its double-decker food truck is closing its restaurant in West Homewood.

Little London Kitchen cited understaffing as the reason for the closure.

Here is the post announcing the restaurant’s status:

“Hello all. We appreciate all of the love and support you have shown us throughout the last few weeks. You have truly shown the power of community. However, we cannot in good conscience continue to deliver the level of service we have as we are so understaffed. Please check back in for updates soon. Thank you.”

-The Little London Kitchen, Instagram

Earlier this month, the popular eatery posted on September 7th a somber note mentioning its staffing troubles and rising food costs. A day after publishing that note, the Queen passed. Little London was included in a Bham Now story last week about their reaction to Her Majesty’s passing.  

Permanent or Temporary?

Eager to find out if this closing is temporary or permanent, along with details about whether the food truck will still be operating we reached out, but were not able to reach the owners. Stay tuned for updates as we learn more.

Recent Restaurant Closings

Little London
Former Bham Nower and Welshman, Jon Eastwood, enjoying a meal from The Little London. (Jon Eastwood / Bham Now)

Birmingham has been experiencing a number of restaurant closings this summer including Superior Grill on 280, Bogues, Dreamcakes, Over Easy, Golden Rule in Trussville and Carrigans in Mountain Brook.

What are your fondest memories of Little London Kitchen?

Here is one of our favorites – a story by former Bham Now writer and Welshman Jon Eastwood.

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