This local followed in her mom’s footsteps + joined the Junior League of Birmingham—here’s why they love it


Alexandra and DeValerie, members of the Junior League of Birmingham
Meet Alexandra and DeValerie, a mother-daughter duo in the Junior League of Birmingham! (Alexandra Ward)

Whether you’re new to Birmingham or you’ve been here your whole life, there’s something to be said about plugging into the community in a new way. Thankfully, there are plenty of groups that promote community and voluntarism—like the Junior League of Birmingham (JLB). Find out why these new members love it and how you can get involved.

First things first—what is the Junior League of Birmingham?

Junior League of Birmingham
Get to know a few members of the League. (Junior League of Birmingham)

If you’re not familiar with the JLB or you’ve only heard about them in passing, you might wonder what makes this group of 2,000+ members unique and how they give back.

The JLB is a local branch of a national organization that donates service hours and funds to Birmingham nonprofits. This year, the League celebrates 100 years of making a major impact!

Each member commits to attending meetings and volunteering time to one of 29 local community partners that create an impact in one of four categories:

  • Economic security & financial stability
  • Health & wellness
  • Education & culture
  • Safety & crisis

Meet a mother-daughter duo who are members together

DeValerie Williams joined the JLB after hearing about it from a friend. As a working mom, it was the perfect fit thanks to its flexibility. Even with a busy schedule, she was able to fully participate in meetings and community placements to give back to Birmingham.

“I was impressed with how everyone worked together for the greater good. The egos were left at the door, and the mission was always at the forefront.”

DeValerie Williams, Member, Junior League of Birmingham

After seeing how much her mother loved being an active part of the League, Alexandra Ward decided to join, too. As a provisional member, Alexandra doesn’t work side-by-side with her mother, but their relationship continues to grow with this new experience. Now, they aren’t just connected as a family—they’re connected with a desire to improve the lives of Birminghamians.

“It’s a heartwarming feeling to follow in my mom’s footsteps, but it’s also a special feeling to be an extension of her footprint in the JLB.”

Alexandra Ward, Provisional Member, Junior League of Birmingham

Want to be a part of this group of strong women? Learn more about the JLB today.

Find out why Lauryn + Rubie chose the League

DeValerie and Alexandra aren’t the only members who love being part of the League. I caught up with Lauryn Lewis and Rubie Moore to find out why they decided to be part of the Centennial Provisional class.

“Throughout the years, I’ve observed additional initiatives and was impressed regarding how well organized they were and the members were always poised and kind. Years later. I also noticed that the demographics of the organization had changed. I noticed that many ladies of color were joining and decided to begin further research on the background of this service organization and simply inquire about the steps needed to join.”

Rubie Moore, Provisional Member, Junior League of Birmingham

The JLB has a large member class full of women from different stages in their lives and careers. Thankfully, the League offers flexibility so everyone can participate. With multiple meeting and volunteer options, the JLB makes it possible for all members to be involved.

“I currently work a full-time job and I was concerned that I may be putting too much on my plate by joining a volunteer organization. The women in Junior League of Birmingham are very diverse. There are women from all stages of their lives/careers that may significantly impact how involved they can be with this organization.”

Lauryn J. Lewis, Provisional Member, Junior League of Birmingham

How JLB’s new member class gets involved

JLB provisional class
This year’s provisional class. (Junior League of Birmingham)

The new member class of the League dedicates time to community placements just like other members. This year, provisional members volunteer with NorthStar Soccer and Meals on Wheels to give back to the community and get a taste of what the JLB is all about.

  • NorthStar Soccer: This soccer program’s mission is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by exposing city youth to organized sports. Volunteers help implement soccer lesson plans during practice, help manage the team and coach during games.
  • Meals on Wheels: This program provides hot, nutritious meals to homebound seniors. Along with delicious meals, the seniors receive support and social contact.

“I am thrilled to see the women in our organization support community partnerships this year with Meals on Wheels and Northstar Soccer as we prepare these women to serve the community through the Junior League of Birmingham over the next decade. Both community opportunities allow the women in the provisional class to build new relationships and serve our mission of being committed to voluntarism and improving our community. ”

Karley Nemeth, Provisional Director, Junior League of Birmingham
NorthStar Soccer
A few new members with the NorthStar Soccer program. (Junior League of Birmingham)

“Both placements spoke to me in different ways. Watching the kids at North Star Soccer run around and have fun made me feel happy and energized. Delivering Meals on Wheels was a humbling but gratifying experience. Each meal delivery was filled with smiles and thanks, a tangible reminder to not take even the smallest luxuries for granted!”

Alexandra Ward, Provisional Member, Junior League of Birmingham

Ready to join the JLB? Here’s how.

JLB NorthStar Soccer
Ready to make an impact? (Junior League of Birmingham)

Have major sense of FOMO because you’re not a part of the JLB? I feel ya.

“The best part of joining has been meeting the kindest and most intelligent women from all walks of life. The smiles and the hospitality is truly priceless. I’m fairly extroverted and sometimes a little over the top, but the level of acceptance from everyone to one another is beautiful.”

Rubie Moore, Provisional Member, Junior League of Birmingham

Good news, joining is easy! Get more info at an upcoming Membership Interest Session:

  • Thursday, October 20, 6PM: Zoom
  • Thursday, January 19, 11:30AM: Protective Life
  • Monday, January 23, 6PM: Zoom

Plus, learn more about membership obligations here.

“If anyone is on the fence about joining the Junior League of Birmingham, I say go for it, especially if you are new to the Birmingham area. It is a great opportunity to network with like-minded women, be involved in the community and just have fun!”

Lauryn J. Lewis, Provisional Member, Junior League of Birmingham

Want to be part of the JLB? Get more info on their website, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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