Meet the local developer behind a new line of pants for women in construction

Dawson Workwear
A look at Dawson Workwear pants. (Morgan Dawson)

According to the United States Department of Labor, women only make up 10% of the construction industry. Even as that number grows, there aren’t as many options for women in construction, including clothing choices. That’s why local development associate Morgan Dawson started Dawson Workwear, a line of pants for women in construction. Keep reading for the inside scoop.

All about Morgan + how Dawson Workwear began đź’ˇ

Morgan Dawson
Meet Morgan! (Morgan Dawson)

Before moving to Birmingham, Morgan Dawson grew up in Columbus, Ohio, going to job sites with her father during summers. When she went to Kent State University for college, she was undecided about her major. After meeting friends in the major, she joined the construction management program, which was 7% female at the time.

She took on internships in the industry, eventually moving to DC for a job and then heading to Birmingham to work with local urban planning firm Orchestra Partners as a development associate. Throughout her moves in the construction and planning industry, the need for clothing designed for women became clear.

“Through my internship, I noticed the lack of women’s workwear. It was at the point where I was wondering what to wear, which I think everyone goes through when they first enter the workforce. Then, when I first started my full-time job, that question came up again: what do I wear? Dawson Workwear snowballed from there.”

Morgan Dawson, Founder + Owner, Dawson Workwear

The process of starting a clothing line + what’s next

After deciding to start Dawson Workwear, Morgan began the difficult process of turning an idea into reality. Starting the clothing line included everything from researching LLCs to working with friends to design a pair of pants. Once the design was finalized, Morgan looked through different project managers and found a USA-based brand that aligned with her values to produce the first line.

With the California-based producer, she’s able to share designs and everything she wants for the pants, including materials, and they produce them.

“I knew what I wanted them to look like, but everything that goes into creating a brand, including marketing, was all a learning curve for me. Every step along the way has been new for me. You just have to take the leap of faith. You could be missing out on something that you absolutely love.”

Morgan Dawson, Founder + Owner, Dawson Workwear

Right now, you can buy her classic women’s work pants, but there’s even more coming, like a line of fire-retardant pants.

Morgan’s just getting started with Dawson Workwear, and now is the perfect time—her college construction management program is now made up of 15% women as even more women join the construction industry.

We’re cheering Morgan on as she takes on each new challenge! Learn more about Dawson Workwear via their website and Instagram.

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