5 reasons dual enrollment is a great choice for high school students—college readiness, affordability + more


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Students can get ahead on credits with Lawson State. (Lawson State Community College)

High school students are enrolling in college courses through dual enrollment programs across the country and Lawson State provides an amazing opportunity to do just that. From getting a taste of college work to learning important life skills, keep reading for five reasons dual enrollment is a fantastic choice.

1. Explore career interests

Lawson State
(Lawson State Community College)

Dual enrolling while still in high school allows students to get a jump start on their careers with opportunity to dig into different fields and see what they really like.

You can obviously change majors or career paths in college (I know I did!), but starting the exploration process early makes it a whole lot easier. As someone who dual enrolled during high school myself, I am so glad I did. I was able to take courses and learn what I loved and what I *definitely* did not love before even getting to college.

Even better than getting a taste of what certain fields may be like was getting some of those intro courses out of the way and being able to dive into what I really wanted to study earlier in my college career.

2. Earn an Associate’s degree while still in high school

Lawson State
Bessemer City High School students first day of Lawson State classes. (Lawson State Community College)

In addition to getting a head start on earning college-level credits (that also count towards a high school diploma), dual enrollment gives students can opportunity to earn an Associate’s degree or professional certificate—all while still in high school.

That’s right, students can study at Lawson State and earn a professional certificate to work while still enjoying their high school days. Who doesn’t love a two-for-one deal?

Learn more about Lawson State’s dual enrollment program.

3. Time management skills

Lawson State
Katelyn Miller has taken 13 dual enrollment courses at Lawson State. (Katelyn Miller)

Students at Lawson State are placed with and treated equally as traditional students, so they learn how to manage their time and workload through experience and from the incredible professors.

They also have to learn how to balance—between juggling high school activities and college coursework, these students are learning how to manage their time in a very real-life way.

“I am currently enrolled in English Composition and Intro to Inorganic Chemistry at Lawson State. I wanted to complete some of my core classes for college while I’m still in high school.

The professors treat me the same as regular students, and because of that, I’ve learned time management and independent study skills. I have taken 13 dual enrollment courses so far, reducing the time and cost of pursuing my nursing degree.”

Katelyn Miller, Dual Enrollment student, Lawson State Community College

4. College readiness

lawson state community college
Earn college and high school credit at the same time. (Lawson State Community College / Facebook)

It is so normal for parents to worry about their child transitioning from high school to college. Taking a college course or two while still at home is the perfect way for students to ease into the transition.

Dual enrollment courses at Lawson State give high school students the opportunity to ‘practice’ being in college. After completing their courses, they will go into college feeling much more confident and understanding of work expectations.

Apply to Lawson State’s dual enrollment program today.

5. Affordability

Lawson State
LSCC is an amazing place to learn. (Lawson State Community College)

My favorite reason—you’ll save money! Dual enrollment courses are a cost-effective way to earn college credit. More often than not, the courses cost less per credit than the same courses taken at most colleges and universities.

PLUS—completion of dual enrollment courses can’t hurt when applying to college and will look great when applying for scholarships.

Ready to learn? Get a head start on college courses and apply to Lawson State’s dual enrollment program now.

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