How to shop like a ‘coastal grandmother’ in Birmingham—fashion, interiors and more

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Meredith Tolleson gave us the inside scoop on coastal grandma style. (The Southern Source)

Like most trends these days, the coastal grandmother style can thank TikTok for its popularity. I don’t know about y’all, but this is a TikTok trend I can get behind—and no, you don’t have to be an actual grandmother to rock this style. Keep reading to learn what the hot trend is all about and how you can shop like one in Birmingham.

What is ‘coastal grandmother’ style?

The coastal grandmother aesthetic is the epitome of timelessness. Think relaxing days spent reading a book, linen outfits and houses with airy farmhouse-style kitchens… basically the main character of a Nancy Meyers movie.

For those not of us not quite lucky enough to live in a big beach house with a view, you can still nail the aesthetic by dressing and styling your home for the role. 

“I think Coastal Grandmother interior style, as well as wardrobe style, is something we’re definitely seeing come to the forefront, but I don’t think it’s ever gone out of style. The coastal style is relaxed and airy which brings such a calm presence to the home. The Southern grandma aspect of the style brings in some traditional elements and nostalgia for many.

For millennials, this is a great opportunity to include heirlooms from family members or go thrifting to find unique antiques to match your specific aesthetic.”

Meredith Tolleson, Owner and Creator, The Southern Source

The coastal grandma trend is all about high-quality simplicity. It is as easy as wearing an oversized button-down to the store or swapping your work bag out for a woven tote.

“Coastal grandmother style (and way of life) exudes the elegance and class of a sophisticated woman living on the coast… without having to actually be that person. The style feels put-together and collected, but it really only takes a few intentional pieces to pull it off.”

Cecilia Wood, Sunny Side Cecilia

Dressing the part

Bham fashion influencer Samra the Curator always killing it. ( Samra the Curator x Shop Ivy Marie)

Coastal grandma style is super attainable and only requires a few traditional, simple staples.

“This trend has been so popular because of how attainable it is for any age, any style and any existing wardrobe! Chances are, everyone has a bit of texture in their closet, a pair of their favorite jeans and simple pieces like a crisp white button up. Style is supposed to be fun, an expression of who you are and I’m so thankful for the ‘coastal grandmother’ trend because it nods to my simple, traditional and soft side of style.”

Rachel Awtrey

Eager to add a little coastal grandmother to your life? Shopping at these Bham spots will help you achieve the look:

One of the best ways to find this style of clothing is@ to go thrifting. Check out our fave Birmingham thrift stores

Coastal grandma in the home

(The Southern Source)
Goals. (The Southern Source)

The Coastal grandma trend covers more than just clothing—it is huge in the lifestyle and interior design world as well.

“I call my personal home style Transitional with California Farmhouse Flair. You’ll notice hues of blue, creamy linens, and lots of natural elements such as rattan, light-washed woods and muted greenery. The gallery wall in my dining room is comprised of vintage family photos of my grandparents vacationing in Florida in the 50’s and 60’s—talk about a real coastal grandmother!”

Meredith Tolleson, Owner and Creator, The Southern Source

Finding this style in Bham

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Have you been to their new location in English Village? (Home with Hechart)

There are so many good stores to find this type of home decor in Birmingham. We’ve rounded up a few of the best—but don’t forget to check out all of the antique and vintage shops in town during your search.

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