COMING SOON: local brothers opening NEW dog daycare in Homewood [LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT]


(Dogtopia) dog daycare
Henson and Carlton Millsap. (Dogtopia)

Pet owner alert! Dogtopia, the fastest growing dog daycare brand in the country, is opening this fall in Birmingham. Keep reading for all the info you need to know about the newest spot your furry friend will love.

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Bringing Dogtopia to Bham

dog daycare
Bring your pup to play and learn at dog daycare. (Dogtopia)

Brothers Carlton and Henson Millsap, both Birmingham residents, are opening the new daycare, which will also offer spa and boarding services. The brothers, one formerly a lawyer and another formerly an equity analyst, have left their prior jobs and are focusing full time on growing Dogtopia.

The first location is opening in downtown Homewood, but they plan to open more stores in Birmingham over the next few years.

Every dog deserves daycare

Dogtopia dog daycare
Look at that face… (Dogtopia)

Dogtopia aims to strengthen the dog/parent bond by creating better canine citizens. One of the biggest things the owners at Dogtopia are passionate about is that every dog deserves regular daycare.

“At Dogtopia, we are firm believers that consistent daycare provides the socialization, education and exercise needed to make happier, healthier, and ultimately better-behaved dogs. Access to convenient, high-quality daycare expands the opportunities for dog ownership, which in turn promotes human health.

Studies have shown that dog ownership correlates with a significantly reduced risk of heart disease and mortality overall in humans.”

Henson and Carlton Millsap, Owners, Dogtopia Homewood

The mission of Doptopia is simple: to enrich your dog’s life by providing a safe, supervised, stimulating environment where they can exercise, socialize, learn and have fun.

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Learn from the best. (Dogtopia)

Instead of daycare packages/passes, Dogtopia uses an enrollment model just like a child’s pre-school. We send our children to school to learn, make friends and have fun. Why should our four-legged family members be any different?

Pet parents select the number of days per week to enroll and then can schedule visits through the Dogtopia app. This consistency allows dogs to benefit from a regular, routine daycare schedule.

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The Dogtopia difference

Bring home a happy pup every time they come. (Dogtopia)

You know we love our dogs around here, and only the best will do for our four-legged children. That’s what you get at Dogtopia.

Everything at Dogtopia—from the design of their state-of-art-facilities to their uncompromising safety standards to their extensive training and certification of Canine Coaches—is structured to create the safest, cleanest, most fun daycare experience for your furry friend, so you can bring home a happy, well-exercised (and tired!) dog who’s ready to curl up with you and your fam.

We could talk for days about the perks of sending your dog to daycare at Dogtopia. Here are just a few:

  • A convenient app for scheduling as well as mobile drop-off and pickup
  • Dogs separated by size and temperament into 3 large playrooms
  • Constant supervision by certified canine coaches (the most highly-trained in the industry)
  • No kennel runs—dogs board overnight in homestyle crates in the playroom alongside their friends
  • Dogs supervised in open-play all day except for nap time from 12-2pm (with a live webcam on the app)

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Making a difference through dog daycare

Now for the best part—Dogtopia works through the Dogtopia Foundation with a mission of “enabling dogs to change our world”.

“We know that well-socialized dogs can make a real difference in our communities. That’s why we work through the Dogtopia Foundation to support three initiatives – service dogs for veterans, youth literacy programs, and employment opportunities for adults with autism.”

Henson and Carlton Millsap, Owners, Dogtopia Homewood

So far, the Foundation has sponsored 191 service dogs and raised over $1.4M.

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