An update on Urban Supply, an exciting Parkside project


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Welcome to The Aisle at Urban Supply. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

If you’ve been in Birmingham’s Parkside District recently, you’ve probably noticed that business is booming, with everything from new apartments to fantastic restaurants. We’ve got an update on one of the most exciting Parkside projects, Urban Supply, from the team at Orchestra Partners. Keep reading to see what’s next for the 100,000 SF development.

Let’s talk all things Parkside

urban supply
The goal for Urban Supply. (Rendering via Orchestra Partners)

Birmingham’s Parkside District, home of Railroad Park and Regions Field, is seeing major growth and playing a role in the increasing popularity of downtown Birmingham.

That’s why it’s the perfect spot for a mixed-use development like Urban Supply. Urban Supply is a two block area that connects food and beverage options with fitness, fashion and outdoor retail, all while making the entire area more walkable with pedestrian walkways.

Like all Orchestra Partners projects, the Urban Supply development will include revitalizing old buildings, such as the historic warehouses in Wholesale Warehouse Loop.

What’s going on at Urban Supply

Parkside map
(Rendering via Orchestra Partners)

I spoke with Drew Watson, a Senior Development Associate at Orchestra Partners who’s working on the Parkside project, to learn more about what’s going on at Urban Supply and to get updates on what’s next.

According to Drew, the first phase of the West Aisle, or the alleyway that runs between 12th and 13th street, is completed. Now, the Orchestra team is moving forward to work on rehabilitating the other buildings. Once, the buildings are complete, they’ll be ready to become home of fitness, retail and food and drink tenants.

Urban Supply is meant to be the “living room” of Parkside, where people can relax and spend their time together, and each of these tenants will help with that goal.

“One thing that’s unique about Urban Supply is the countless number of apartment buildings that have gone up in the past two or three years. That’s going to inform how we lease out the spaces because there’s hundreds of people looking to walk out their front door and go do something. That’s what we feel like we can provide at Urban Supply.”

Drew, Senior Development Associate, Orchestra Partners

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Who’s already there

Good People Brewing

Tortugas Pizza

Who’s coming next + ideal tenants đź‘€

Only one tenant has been announced, but Orchestra Partners is in active negotiation with three other tenants, including two food and beverage options.

THRIVE Coworking

THRIVE Coworking is an Atlanta-based hybrid workspace joining Birmingham’s fantastic coworking options in 2023. They’re the perfect fit for Urban Supply thanks to their focus on creating coworking spaces that offer a healthy work/life balance.

How potential tenants can get involved

If you’ve got a business that would be perfect for Urban Supply, contact Lyndsy Yim of SRS Real Estate Partners.

The Aisle

The Aisle
Imagine this area full of people. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

A major part of Urban Supply, and Orchestra Partner’s portfolio as a whole, is making use of outdoor spaces to better connect people to their surroundings and each other.

The Aisle is a formerly overgrown alley stretching from 14th Street to 12th Street. Orchestra Partners plans to transform this alley into space that can be used for outdoor activities.

“We would love for people to spend their entire night in Urban Supply. I can envision the Aisle filling up with people before and after the Barons game, walking to and from. We just want to see people enjoying themselves.”

Drew, Senior Development Associate, Orchestra Partners

At the heart of all is a passion for connection: people connecting with people, businesses and their surroundings. I’m thrilled to see what’s next.

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