Thrive Coworking is joining Urban Supply in downtown Birmingham—learn more

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There’s always something to celebrate. (THRIVE / Facebook)

Thrive Coworking, an Atlanta-based hybrid workspace provider, is expanding to Birmingham to join Urban Supply in 2023. Keep reading to learn more about Thrive and the new community it will call home.

Urban Supply

Urban Supply is designed to be a gathering spot for Birmingham’s urban core and play a lead role in the rebirth of downtown. Central and accessible to the whole city, the development will provide an important link to green spaces and neighborhoods from east to west and north to south.

The epicenter is within walking distance to many convenient areas, including:

The visionary project is about creating relationships and fostering connection. Urban Supply is positioned to be a place where thousands of residents can gather together and enjoy an urban lifestyle.

THRIVE is one of Urban Supply’s first major tenant announcements, but the momentum seems to be just getting started.

“There are many more tenants in the pipeline that we are close to announcing. Fitness and retail will be a big component of this development, as well as local food and drink. Surrounded by multi-family units, we want Urban Supply to be your living room in Parkside.”

Caroline Jenkins, Development Manager, Orchestra Partners

Thrive Coworking

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Where work thrives…(THRIVE / Facebook)

THRIVE is a dedicated and shared workspace designed for all types of professionals looking for a new way to work. It’s a place to feel connected no matter where you work—from the smallest of businesses to the largest corporations.

Through exciting educational and service-oriented events, THRIVE’s focus is to create an irresistible work environment while encouraging and fostering a sense of community among their co-working members.

The membership-based co-working space offers several plans with a range of perks and room credits available per month. There’s also a day-pass rate, starting at $20.

A perfect fit

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Have you tried out any co-working spaces in Birmingham yet? (THRIVE / Facebook)

Urban Supply fits perfectly with THRIVE’s mission to develop co-working spaces that combine design-forward style and thoughtful amenities in walkable neighborhoods.

“At THRIVE, we see symmetry with Orchestra Partners and Urban Supply — we all want to promote co-working spaces that offer a healthy work/life balance, where we can meet others in a physical workspace close to home and within walking distance of attractive amenities like restaurants, gyms and shopping. We are excited to bring THRIVE to Birmingham.”

Ramon Gonzalez, Co-founder and CEO, THRIVE

Where work begins to THRIVE

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Time to work. (THRIVE / Facebook)

THRIVE gives you the perfect setup to get to work and well…thrive. Membership perks include:

  • high-speed internet
  • 24/7 access
  • community-building events (from hikes to happy hours)
  • a professional mailing address
  • phone booths for private calls
  • access to printers and scanners
  • bottomless coffee, tea and snacks
  • regularly scheduled breakfasts and lunches

THRIVE also partners with neighborhood businesses to offer members discounts on dining and services and supports local charities through its nonprofit initiative.

“As Birmingham continues to see the benefits of remote work, tenants like THRIVE help promote this more flexible lifestyle. We want to provide fun and unique spaces that connect the community and keep our quality of life high, attracting more individuals to our city.”

Caroline Jenkins, Development Manager, Orchestra Partners

We can’t wait to see what the future brings for THRIVE and the other tenants to come at Urban Supply.

Who else do you want to see open their doors at Urban Supply? Let us know what you think @bhamnow!

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