American artist unveils Peace Birmingham mural in Southside

Peace Birmingham Mural
The new Peace Birmingham mural, painted by artist Kyle Holbrook. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

On Wednesday, August 11, American artist Kyle Holbrook unveiled a new mural—deemed Peace Birmingham—in Southside. The mural is part of Holbrook’s nationwide series of murals meant to raise awareness of gun violence. Keep reading to learn more.

Introducing the Peace Birmingham mural

Peace Birmingham Mural
The new mural is located in Southside. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Birmingham’s newest mural was unveiled earlier this week by artist Kyle Holbrook. The mural—which depicts a hand throwing up the ‘peace’ hand gesture, a STOP sign and the words ‘STOP GUN VIOLENCE’—is part of Holbrook’s National Stop Gun Violence Tour, which aims to spread awareness of gun violence.

According to a report by CBS42, Holbrook’s goal is for visitors to post selfies with the mural to spread the message of peace.

Kyle Holbrook’s ‘Peace Birmingham’ mural is located on the southwest corner of 23rd Street South and 2nd Alley South, just around the corner from The Battery in Birmingham’s Automotive Historic District.

About artist Kyle Holbrook

Kyle Holbrook
Kyle Holbrook standing in front of a mural in Miami. (Kyle Holbrook)

Best known for his murals in Miami and his hometown of Pittsburgh, Kyle Holbrook is an American digital artist, graphic designer, muralist, author and filmmaker.

The epidemic of gun violence has had a significant impact on Holbrook’s life and work. Holbrook grew up surrounded by gangs and—according to his website—has lost 45 close friends and family to gun violence.

Peace Birmingham Mural
Have you spotted the new mural? (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Last year, Holbrook began his National Stop Gun Violence Tour, aiming to paint murals that advocated an end to gun violence in major cities throughout the United States.

Kyle Holbrook: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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