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Alabama Spay/Neuter
Greg and Marley check out Jemison Park (Bham Now)

As big-time animal lovers, Greg Owings and Brianna Miller knew how important it was to get their pets fixed. When each of them heard about Alabama Spay/Neuter’s mission from friends and neighbors, deciding to take their pets there was a no-brainer. Keep reading to learn more about their experience. If you have a pet, please get it spayed or neutered to help reduce animal suffering. Call Alabama Spay/Neuter at 205.956.0012 to schedule your appointment today.

Alabama Spay/Neuter is the place to go to get your pet fixed—here’s why

Dog parent Greg Owings lives in Vestavia, loves his Cockapoo Marley and never wanted to find himself wondering what to do with unwanted puppies.

Cat parent Brianna Miller hails from McCalla, where she became an accidental cat rescuer when she bought a home that came with ten kittens. Yes, you read that right. Since then, she’s been trapping, neutering and returning (TNR) stray cats in her neighborhood while parenting her own cats.

Both heard about Alabama Spay/Neuter from friends, and both had a fantastic experience there. Here’s what they told us.

1. It’s convenient + easy

Alabama Spay/Neuter
They come pick up your pet from the car at Alabama Spay/Neuter (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

Greg Owings raved about his and Marley’s experience:

“It was great—the place was clean and all the folks were very professional, with a lot of energy. It seemed like everybody really enjoyed what they did.

They made it seem like it was pretty simple procedure, and they had a good system to get you in and out quickly. 

You could tell they put a lot of thought into making sure there was a good customer experience.”

Greg Owings, dog owner

Brianna Miller is a huge fan of how efficient the process is:

“I’ve had a ton of cats spayed or neutered at Alabama Spay/Neuter and they are so efficient—you don’t wait. You get there, you drop them off at 6:30AM one morning. You come back, you pick them up at 6:45AM the next morning, they give you the instructions and you’re done. It’s just excellent.”

Brianna Miller, cat owner + rescuer

Here’s how it works: 5 reasons Alabama Spay/Neuter’s where you want to get your pet fixed

Ready to get your pet spayed or neutered? Call Alabama Spay/Neuter today at 205.956.0012.

2. You can feel comfortable knowing they’ll treat your pet like their own

Alabama Spay/Neuter cat
Dr. Margaret Ferrell getting a cat ready for surgery (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

Our team has been out to Alabama Spay/Neuter twice, and we’ve been so impressed with the love and care they put into taking excellent care of each animal that comes through their doors.

Learn more about Dr. Margaret Ferrell, the vet who runs Alabama Spay/Neuter Veterinary Services: Decreasing local animal suffering—why this vet fell in love with AL Spay/Neuter. Plus, she’s hiring

NOTE: both Greg and Brianna still take their pets to the local vet for regular checkups. While Alabama Spay/Neuter focuses primarily on spaying and neutering animals, the local vet is an indispensable part of pet care, whether for annual checkups, heartworm prevention, flea and tick medicine, accidents or illnesses and more.

3. Getting your pet fixed at Alabama Spay/Neuter means you’re helping to prevent homeless pets

Alabama Spay/Neuter
They bring your pet out to you when they’re done. (Alabama Spay/Neuter)

ICYMI, Alabama has a huge animal overpopulation problem.

“When we got our first cat a long time ago, we got it fixed, but I didn’t realize anything about how bad the overpopulation of kittens and cats was. Now that I’ve rescued so many, I’m grateful that Alabama Spay/Neuter is working to prevent animal overpopulation.”

Brianna Miller, cat owner + rescuer

According to research by the nonprofit Best Friends, nearly 14,690 dogs and cats were killed in shelters across Alabama in 2021. 

While there are many reasons for this, there’s one kind and easy solution: spay females and neuter males. These quick surgeries prevent potentially millions of offspring that could result in unwanted, uncared-for animals. 

“Dog shelters are just overwhelmed and we hate to see them take drastic measures because they don’t have room or don’t have the funding to afford to give them a good home. Taking our pet to Alabama Spay/Neuter meant doing our part to help reduce the problem of homeless animals.”

Greg Owings, dog owner

BONUS: it’s affordable

Marley the dog + Brianna Miller with one of her cats (Bham Now)

Here’s the basic cost for spays for females: 

  • Dog: $105
  • Cat: $80

Because the female reproductive organs are internal, these surgeries are a bit more involved—hence the higher cost.

And for neuters for males: 

  • Dog: $85
  • Cat: $55

Plus: Surgeries include Capstar 24-hour flea treatment. 

There are additional charges based on whether the animal is in heat, pregnant, 50+ pounds, feral or needing a rabies vaccine. Plus, they’ve got optional add-ons, such as microchipping or nail trims to help you take great care of your pet.

“Price matters a lot to us, and what you would pay there versus somewhere else is a good deal. With great customer experience, great value, and good people that work there, why wouldn’t you go to Alabama Spay/Neuter?”

Greg Owings, dog owner

Ready to get your furry friend fixed? Call Alabama Spay/Neuter at 205.956.0012 to make your appointment today.

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