Decreasing local animal suffering—why this vet fell in love with AL Spay/Neuter. Plus, she’s hiring


Dr. Margaret Ferrell at Alabama Spay/Neuter
Dr. Margaret Ferrell with the calmest cat ever. (Bham Now)

Dr. Margaret Ferrell’s a soccer mom who loves music and animals. She turned her passion for animals into a veterinary career that took her to an unexpected place: Alabama Spay/Neuter’s Irondale clinic. Find out why she loves it and who she wants to hire for two open positions

Meet Dr. Ferrell

Back in the 90s, Margaret Ferrell went from the Hoover High School band to Mississippi State’s marching band. While there, she met her husband, then transferred to Auburn for veterinary school. 

“Like all veterinarians, I love animals. I’ve waffled a bit over the years whether I’m a dog or a cat person, depending on how my critters are behaving at the moment. I own three cats, three dogs and two goats. Any animal that touches my heart usually finds their way home with me.”

—Dr. Margaret Ferrell
Dr. Margaret Ferrell with her family. (Dr. Ferrell)

When she graduated from veterinary school in 2009, Dr. Ferrell worked at a pet hospital for a year before a stint as a relief veterinarian with the veterinary practice providing medical services for Alabama Spay/Neuter

Ferrell thought she’d develop her surgical skills for a couple of months and move on. But then she discovered her calling (more on that later!).

Outside of work, Ferrell celebrates her 20th wedding anniversary this summer, and is the busy mom of four children.

She’s super-involved in her church, playing French horn in the church orchestra, singing in the choir and on the praise team. In her spare time, she runs around to her kids’ activities, including cross country, soccer, music lessons, band banquets and more.

Why Dr. Ferrell fell in love with Alabama Spay/Neuter

veterinarian with dog
Dr. Ferrell with one of the many adorable animals she greets each day. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

What Dr. Ferrell thought was going to be a quick skills-building stint turned into a passion that’s carried her through 12 years providing services to Alabama Spay/Neuter. Here’s why: 

“It feels really good to be doing a service that is needed, and people are happy to get it. You get that satisfaction of helping people and helping the community—knowing that we’re trying to make a dent in animal suffering in shelters is just very, very rewarding.”

​​ICYMI: spaying means surgically removing the reproductive organs of a female animal, while neutering is the same for a male. The purpose is to keep the animals from breeding. 

On a personal note, Ferrell values the job’s work-life balance. The clinic is open Monday through Thursday, leaving Friday-Sunday as her time to be a mom and do things with her kids. 

While her client interactions are limited to people whose pets need rechecks, she loves how sweet, kind and appreciative all the ones she’s met have been over the years.

Join Dr. Ferrell in this important mission to decrease animal suffering. Apply today to work with Spay/Neuter Veterinary Services, LLC at Alabama Spay/Neuter.

Making a difference every single day with Alabama Spay/Neuter

Did you know: Alabama Spay/Neuter has completed over 150,000 spay/neuter surgeries to date. 

To put this into context, look at how many offspring one unspayed female dog or cat and her offspring can produce in a short period of time:

animal spay chart
The math is mindblowing. (SpayUSA)

Bottom line: one surgery prevents potentially millions of homeless animals.

Dr. Ferrell’s role at Alabama Spay/Neuter

Alabama Spay/Neuter clinic in Irondale
Alabama Spay / Neuter’s clinic in Irondale. (Bham Now)

Dr. Ferrell is the practice owner and lead veterinarian for Spay Neuter Veterinary Services, LLC, which is the medical provider for the nonprofit Alabama Spay/Neuter. The medical team at the clinic works for her, and the administrative staff are employees of the nonprofit. 

Join the mission. Apply now to work with Spay/Neuter Veterinary Services, LLC at Alabama Spay/Neuter.

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