5 reasons we love Hattie B’s + a menu hack from Chef Brian Morris


IMG 1607 5 reasons we love Hattie B's + a menu hack from Chef Brian Morris
Executive Chef Brian Morris of Hattie B’s Hot Chicken (Hattie B’s)

We are big hot chicken fans around here and Hattie B’s Hot Chicken is one of the best spots to get it. Keep reading for five reasons we love Hattie B’s, including the beer, desserts and more. We may even have a secret menu hack…

1. The chicken, obviously

HattieBsHotChicken 20220714 141636 5 reasons we love Hattie B's + a menu hack from Chef Brian Morris
Hot Chicken with pimento mac and black-eyed pea salad…(Bham Now)

You can’t mention Hattie B’s without talking about the chicken. It’s everything you love about classic fried chicken kicked up a notch with the addition of a cayenne-based spice blend.

“We think we do a really good job at what we do. We’re constantly refining and working to perfect our practice. The nice thing about having a small menu and not rolling out specials or limited time offers all the time is that we get to spend our time making what we do better.”

Brian Morris, Executive Chef, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken  

Ready to feel the heat?

hattie b's
Jumbo tenders with crinkle cut fries (Bham Now)

There’s something for everyone within Hattie B’s heat levels:

  • Southern: Can’t deal with the burn? You can still enjoy your hot chicken, minus the heat.
  • Mild: Be prepared for a little touch of heat but nothing too much to worry about!
  • Medium: This one’s equivalent to your regular hot sauce.
  • Hot: It’s manageable, but your mouth will definitely be burning. You can definitely say you had Nashville hot chicken.
  • Damn Hot: There’s a reason they call it the “fire starter.” If you love *really* spicy foods, this is for you.
  • Shut the Cluck up: Daredevils, it’s your turn. This one will have your mouth burning from just looking at it. Good luck!

Want to check trying “Damn Hot” or “Shut the Cluck up” off your bucket list without making a meal of it? Here’s your solution:

“Try our dirty bird fries. It’s our dark meat tender bites and mac & cheese on top of our crinkle-cut fries. It’s a great thing to order if there are a group of you who want to give our hotter levels a try without having to commit to a giant piece”

Brian Morris, Executive Chef, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

2. The vibe

HattieBsHotChicken 20220714 143414 5 reasons we love Hattie B's + a menu hack from Chef Brian Morris
Vibes. (Bham Now)

If you ask Chef Brian Morris, the food is just what gets you in the door at Hattie B’s. The folks in the kitchen are one big family and the goal is for customers to feel like they’re a part of that family too.

“We want Hattie B’s to feel like a hug and high five, warm and welcoming. We want our guests to come in, hear a rap song they haven’t heard in 20 years and have an awesome moment belting it out together. We want to have those nostalgic moments where you make a connection with somebody and feel like you belong here.”

Brian Morris, Executive Chef, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken  

3. Beer for days

HattieBsHotChicken 20220714 143504 5 reasons we love Hattie B's + a menu hack from Chef Brian Morris
Local beer on tap! (Bham Now)

After indulging in Hattie B’s famous hot chicken, you’re going to need to cool off. What better way to do that than with a nice cold beer? Plus, Birmingham is the place to be for local brews. Hattie B’s has a fantastic selection of local beers on tap that pair perfectly with your meal.

4. Killer desserts (plus a menu hack from Chef Brian)

HattieBsHotChicken 20220714 142232 5 reasons we love Hattie B's + a menu hack from Chef Brian Morris
Cobbler and Banana Pudding – Hattie B’s Hot Chicken (Bham Now)

The desserts at Hattie B’s are arguably my favorite part of the menu. Finishing off an already unbeatable meal with one of their classic Southern desserts always hits the spot. It may send you into a food coma nap afterwards, but trust me, it’s worth it every time.

Banana pudding is their most popular dessert, and like all things at Hattie B’s, it comes as a generous portion. My favorite, the peach cobbler at Hattie B’s, is enough to get me in the door on its own.

Chef Brian gave us the inside scoop (literally) on the best dessert in the house:

“My absolute favorite dessert is a classic, but it’s not on the menu. Order a Belgian waffle with a scoop of ice cream. It sounds like nothing but I promise it’s the best. It’s the best dessert on or off the menu, I’m sure.”

Brian Morris, Executive Chef, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken  

5. Lakeview neighborhood

Hattie Bs 3 5 reasons we love Hattie B's + a menu hack from Chef Brian Morris
(Sabrina Palmer / BhamNow)

Lakeview is becoming one of the hottest spots in downtown Birmingham. The amazing location of Hattie B’s makes us love it even more. Sitting in the heart of a neighborhood full of trendy restaurants and fun nightlife, Hattie B’s is in the perfect spot.

“We love being in Lakeview. Surrounded by iconic spots like Jack Brown’s and FIVE, we’re honored to be here.”

Brian Morris, Executive Chef, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken  

What’s your go-to hot chicken order? Can you take the heat? Follow Hattie B’s and let them know what you think!

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