These incredible volunteers are sharing Birmingham’s Southern hospitality [PHOTOS]

Meeting people from all over the world. (Darrius Peace)

Volunteers at The World Games 2022 are going above and beyond to make athletes, fans and many more feel welcome and comfortable in The Magic City. Keep reading to hear from some of them about their experience so far.

Training for TWG 2022

IMG 5667 2 These incredible volunteers are sharing Birmingham's Southern hospitality [PHOTOS]
Making it happen. (Zay Allen)

Yes, volunteers had to practice and train for The World Games too. All volunteers completed a series of modules that taught them lessons in categories including foreign cultures, language barriers, human trafficking and more. These volunteers are equipped to help anyone who comes their way!

Welcoming the world to Bham

All of the volunteers we spoke with recognized the amazing people that they have been able to meet throughout the experience. It’s not every day you meet people from 10 different countries within 5 minutes in Alabama!

“One of the most fascinating things about my experience volunteering as a team captain so far has been encountering the various conversations in different languages taking place around me. This lets me know the world has come to Birmingham, Alabama.”

Darrius Peace, Volunteer, The World Games 2022

The people sacrificing their time as volunteers are the smiling faces and simple conversations that visitors are going to remember long after they leave Birmingham.

“I have been so amazed meeting people from all over the world. There are athletes, family members, I even met an umpire from Italy who I had a wonderful conversation with. Just talking to new people about how they are enjoying the south and the food has been one of my favorite parts of it all.”

Melanie Heigl, Volunteer, The World Games 2022

Teamwork makes the dream work

After hours of training before TWG 2022 even began, these volunteers have had a blast not only helping and serving at The World Games, but working with each other.

“I have so enjoyed getting to work with the rest of the volunteers. Being there together from start to finish has been so much fun and special. We get to be there when we see everyone’s hard work come to life and really help others.”

Melanie Heigl, Volunteer, The World Games 2022

A family affair

For volunteer Zay Allen, it’s more than helping out at The World Games. In addition to volunteering for a handful of sports, she has had the special experience of singing in the choir along with her son, Zion.

“I’ve been very happy to work with everyone and meet people while volunteering for multiple different sports. I will say, getting to sing in the choir behind Yolanda Adams was amazing. But the best part has been getting to do this all with my son, who was chosen to be a recording artist in the children’s choir.”

Zay Allen, Volunteer, The World Games 2022

Shout out to all the volunteers!

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