How to find your way around Birmingham during The World Games 2022

The World Games 2022
Don’t worry, Birmingham is prepared to help take you around town. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

Woohoo, The World Games 2022 Birmingham is finally here! With all the hustle and bustle it may be difficult to navigate downtown, but never fear, REV Birmingham is here to help with wayfinder signage and volunteers throughout downtown Birmingham. Keep reading for more details.

Wayfinders + volunteers to help you know where to go

wayfair signage
REV Birmingham + City of Birmingham = a lifesaver. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

REV Birmingham is helping our city welcome all of its new visitors. Working with the Department of Transportation of the City of Birmingham, REV Birmingham helped design and place wayfinders around downtown, particularly on 20th Street North and Richard Arrington Jr Blvd North. These wayfinders point to the nearest points of interest and help direct walkers to the right venues. They also include QR codes that feature links to:

  • Parking maps
  • Places to go to eat and find entertainment
  • The World Games 2022 website
  • Shuttle system

“We wanted people to feel really confident walking the streets of downtown Birmingham, especially people who have never been there before. We wanted them to have a sense of where to go.”

Julie Clark McKinney, Director of Communications, REV Birmingham

REV Birmingham also organized nearly 300 volunteers who will be around downtown to:

  • Give assistance to visitors navigating downtown Birmingham
  • Provide guest information services

Get ready to cheer on Team USA by watching TWG 2022 via live stream or buy a ticket online to see this event in person.

Know where you can drive during The World Games 2022

Downtown Parking Map scaled 1 How to find your way around Birmingham during The World Games 2022
Downtown Birmingham road closure map. (City of Birmingham)

From July 7-17, The World Games 2022 will be in town. The City of Birmingham released a map highlighting the road closures and secure perimeters for the event. Several areas have been categorized as closed perimeters, including:

Don’t worry, Google Maps and Waze have all the closures programmed in, so you can also use your GPS.

An essential Birmingham spot just got better

Flex Lanes Birmingham
Birmingham’s 20th Street North is even better. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

After TWG 2022, REV Birmingham’s work on 20th Street North isn’t going to stop. We can look enjoy hanging out at this spot in town with the additions of:

  • 4 feet tall BHM letters in front of the Watts Tower
  • Andirondack rocking chairs
  • Bistro tables and chairs
  • Free library mailboxes including books, games, magazines and newspapers
  • Street performances on Fridays

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