6 freshest U-pick strawberry farms just a short drive from Birmingham

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Berry mission: start. (Bham Now)

In no particular order, we’ve gathered some fruity-licious U-pick strawberry farms near Birmingham. Keep reading to add these farms to your bucket list.

1. Jerry Marsh Farms

Irene Strawberry UPICK 6 freshest U-pick strawberry farms just a short drive from Birmingham
Berry pickin’! (Bham Now)

Get to pickin’ at Jerry Marsh Farms. Not only do they offer sweet red berries but the juiciest tomatoes for $4 a cup or $8 a basket.

Hot question of the day: Do you consider the tomato a fruit?

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2. Abney Farms

Missing something sweet and fresh in your fridge? Pick up a bucket of strawberries at Abney Farms. It’s just a scenic 35-minute drive away!

3. Sugar Hill U-Pick Farms

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It’s a yes from me. (Sugar Hill U-Pick)

This family-friendly U-pick farm will have you planning an annual strawberry picking trip. They have over 200,000 plants to choose from, so take your sweet time.

4. Holmestead Farms

strawberry in hand
My mouth is already watering! (Holmestead Farms)

It tastes like strawberries and summertime at Holmestead Farms. All you need is a basket and a hand for the ultimate U-pick farm experience.

They also have the sweetest cantaloupes, seedless watermelons, okra, plums, oranges AND apples. There is a fruit for everyone.

5. Jimmy Durbin and Sunshine Farms

Load up your basket with homegrown peaches and strawberries at this iconic U-pick farm in Clanton. It’s less than an hour’s drive from Birmingham, making it a perfect weekend family outing.

PRO TIP: Freeze the peach pit so you can plant your very own peach tree in your backyard!

6. DeLoach Farms

You’ll be berry happy to know that DeLoach Farms offers $12 U-pick strawberry buckets. Let’s go down to the strawberry fields!

Contributors to this piece include Irene Richardson + Sharron Swain.

What is your go-to berry farms a short drive from Birmingham? Tell us about it @bhamnow!

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