Garth Brooks’ concert is SOLD OUT—get your parking details here

Protective Stadium, Birmingham
The stadium is ready to host you for the performance of your life! (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Garth Brooks is playing at Protective Stadium this Saturday, June 4 at 7PM for the first time in seven years. Sadly, it’s sold out, but if you’ve got tickets, we’ve got details for you on where to park—read on to find out where.

Birmingham is *the* chosen city for the Deep South

Garth Brooks
(The BJCC Facebook page)

Garth Brooks’ sold-out Birmingham concert will not only be Protective Stadium’s first concert, but it will be Garth’s *only* stadium tour performance in the states of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.  

With a huge expected attendance, being prepared will help you find a place to park with ease. Don’t worry we’ve got all the details you need.

Where to park for Garth Brooks’ concert

BJCC Full Parking Map
BJCC Full Parking Map

With the amount of growth, Uptown has experienced within the past year, event-designated parking lots are a must, especially for a Garth Brooks concert!

Protective Stadium Parking

BJCC Parking Map_Stadium Event
BJCC Parking Map Stadium

If you plan to arrive early, you can get a spot in one of these lots that are a short walk away:

  • Gold Lot: 2130 11th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35234
  • Green Lot: 2478 11th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35234
  • Red Garage: 917 22nd Street North, Birmingham, AL 35234
  • Pink Lot: 973 23rd Street North, Birmingham, AL 35234
  • Silver Garage: 1080 22nd Street North, Birmingham, AL 35234
  • Blue Garage: 2000 11th Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35234

Don’t worry—if these lots are taken up, the Birmingham Parking Authority garages and street parking are also available options. 

Get ready for one of the best nights ever

BJCC, Protective Stadium, Birmingham
Protective Stadium (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

This is a dream for country fans in the Southern region. This will be a wonderful historic night for Birmingham with country royalty. If you plan to arrive early at the venue and are wondering how you can kill time, go eat—Uptown has a lot of eateries where you can fuel your energy for the concert.

Visit for more info about the concert + tickets.

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